It’s a classic here in the bloggersphere! ‘What’s in my bag?’ – the TAG that has kicked off some of the most influential Youtuber’s channels…Including mine if you want to go and seek that out in deep depths of the interweb! 
I have decided to keep things more low key by sharing with you what’s in my bag… blog style. My Rowallan handbag is a leather satchel style bag that I found in TK Maxx.  I was really drawn to the distressed material paired with gold studs that add a bit of attitude and edge. Inside the bag consists of one simple compartment and is lined with a green gingham material. TK Maxx stocked two sizes of this bag, this one which was the smallest and there was also a larger bag, which although it could haul more things around, looked a little bulky against my small 5 ft 3″ frame. 
Inside my bag as you can see are a fair few items that I tend to lug around on a day to day basis when i’m at the office. My current favourite magazine is ‘Red’ as it covers a whole host of beauty, style and lifestyle features. With this particular issue it came with two Rodial kohl liners that are ah-amazing. I love them that much that they featured in my June 2016 ‘Monthly Beauty Favourites.’ 
I also have my diary which is covered in cute cats, i’d be lost without this diary as it keeps me in check with bills, occasions, appointments etc. Whilst we’re on the subject of boring essentials, my purple glasses are from French Connection and I wear them everyday for work. I spend almost ALL of my life in front of Mac screen so they are needed or i’d have a permanent headache. My sunglasses are brandless but I love them so much, again found in TK Maxx, they are seriously oversized but look awesome when paired with a floppy summer hat on the beach.
I also have a leopard print Tangle Teezer in my bag to give my barnet a little brush throughout the day and I use the ‘Wild Argan Oil’ from The Body Shop if my skin or the ends of my hair are feeling a little dry. (Air conditioned office problems) I also have the ‘Sunkissed’ spray from Victoria’s Secret to give myself a little refresh throughout the day if I don’t want to haul a glass perfume bottle around. It smells of summer, think coconut and honey.
My purse is from BIBA and was an investment purchase I made a few years ago when I was working at a concept store in Leeds, I love the Biba brand and I couldn’t imagine not using this purse, even if it’s looking a little tatty these days. In here I just keep my cards and any loose change as well as tablets such as paracetamol or Buscopan (Essential for fellow IBS sufferers.) Finally, I just have my house keys (not pictured as they’re hung on my door handle when i’m at home) and the keys to my little car…Of course there’s also an umbrella present as I live in England and it always rains, if you’re interested it was a cheapy from B+M.

If you’ve shared a ‘what’s in my bag’ post leave me a link in the comments, i’m a nosey parker so i’d love to see what you haul around!

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