Do you ever find that after applying dry shampoo your hair feels heavy, powdery and dry? Yep me too and now that my hair is much drier in it’s natural state, I find that dry shampoo is doing it’s job but not making my hair and scalp feel very nice!

 I have discovered a new little weapon for keeping my hair super conditioned whilst rocking dry shampoo…Step aside the Batiste ‘Repair + Restore’ Instant Conditioner, a handy little formula to keep your hair frizz free and nourished all day long. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that i’ve gone a little lighter in the ol’ hair department and therefore I am re packing as much conditioner as possible back into my tresses.

The Batiste conditioner is the perfect finishing touch for when my hair needs some nourishment, the light weight spray doesn’t hold my hair down, instead leaves it feeling super soft and sleek. I really recommend if you need a boost of moisture to your hair on days in-between washes. 

What do you think of the ‘Repair + Restore Instant Conditioner?’

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