Whenever I speak to somebody i’m naturally drawn towards looking at their teeth, I don’t know what it is I just am and I always think that healthy, white teeth really make somebody even more attractive.

I have been very lucky that I was blessed (honestly it was a stroke of luck and good genetics from my Dad) that my teeth grew pretty much perfectly straight and haven’t caused me any problems….Until now that is when my impacted wisdom tooth practically breaks my jaw every few months or so, but that’s another tale for another time….Today i’m talking about teeth whitening!

I first dabbled with teeth whitening when my Aunt introduced my to the infamous Crest White Strips that I swear by. I work in an office where we are all fuelled on tea and coffee which isn’t great when you want to keep your gnashes pearly white as both drinks heavily stain the teeth. With this in mind I whiten my teeth every three months or so and have been on the look our to try an alternative to the Crest strips.

I have been using the Instant Whites 7 Day Whitening System* as I like the convenience of using a swab as opposed to spending 30 minutes of drooling everywhere trying to keep a slippery strip on my teeth…Anybody who has ever tried them will know exactly what i’m talking about. The Instant Whites method is as simple as pushing both ends of the swab to extract the formula and brushing the cotton pad end onto your teeth, all very clean and all very simple.

I applied one swab to my visible teeth for a week and noticed that a difference was occurring after day 3, my teeth were noticeably whiter and brighter with less of a yellowy tinge. I didn’t feel any sensitivity when applying the whitening formula which is surprising as I have sensitive teeth, usually when I whiten I can feel small pin prick feelings of sensitivity shooting to the nerve. Lasting power? It’s been 3 weeks since I first did the treatment and i’ve probably drank over 50 cups of tea and my teeth are still looking pretty pearly.

So what are they all about? The Instant White swabs are peroxide free and work on all tooth surfaces including crowns, caps, dentures and veneers and are pH balances to re-hydrate the enamel. They’re available from Boots for £29.99 which is in line with how much the Crest strips would be here in the UK. It’s an investment but I have found that the rapid nature of the results is worth that price point.

Which is your favourite teeth whitening brand?

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