Turning blonde hair lilac with Bleach London ‘Violet Skies’

Bleach London 'Violet Skies'
Bleach London 'Violet Skies'
Bleach London 'Violet Skies'
It’s no secret that dabbling with my hair is a common pastime of mine. If I fancy a change, I’ll change it there and then, whether that’s cut or colour. I am currently sporting grey hair with a lilac tinge and I absolutely love it. What inspired me to do it? Well, I, of course, got fed up of being blonde, will I keep it? Probably not I’m already thinking a mermaid-esc turquoise shade is next on my agenda.  
I have been super impressed with everything I’ve tried from the Bleach London range of haircare and colours. I bought the ‘Bleach London Violet Skiess’ semi-permanent conditioning colour for ยฃ5 at Superdrug. Before I applied the colour, my hair was a pretty clean blonde with a few tinges of warmth around the nape of my neck but overall I was pretty bleach blonde. 
I first made sure that my hair was as cool toned I could get it by washing it with the infamous Lee Stafford ‘Bleach Blondes’ violet shampoo before leaving on a lilac pastel toner from ‘Colour On’ for around 30 mins, which was again only a few quid from Superdrug. 
My hair was then a pretty cool tone all over with a lot of lilac in it. I then applied ‘Violet Skies’ to damp hair and left it on for an hour. I immediately saw that the colour began to take to my hair. I wanted the colour to make an impact so once I rinsed off the treatment and dried my hair, I applied another dose of the colour to dry hair and left it for 30 minutes. With no ammonia or peroxide, you don’t have to worry if your blonde hair is (like mine) a little delicate this is conditioning, toning colour. 
You can see the final result above and I’m pretty happy with the colour pay off, of course where my hair wasn’t bright, light blonde the colour hasn’t taken quite so boldly but I kind of like the grungy, 90s washed up vibe I have achieved. As I wash my hair the lilac fades more and more, though I dare say it might have stained a little bit and the only way to completely eradicate the colour will be to re-bleach it. 
I love how much fun you can have with your hair all thanks to the cool colours from the Bleach London range if you have blonde hair and want a change? I highly recommend!

Have you ever tried hair care from Bleach London?


  • Your hair looks incredible, I recently bought the pink Lee Stafford conditioner as his products were 3 for ยฃ15 so I got 2 of the bleach blonde shampoos and the pink conditioner, I haven't been brave enough yet to use it but Cole leaves the shampoo on her hair to get the lilac tones to hers too ๐Ÿ™‚ Be careful if you go for the Bleach London blue and green colours they don't come out, my friends daughter had to have a pixi crop to get it out after using the mermaid one it was terrible ๐Ÿ™ your hair looks amazing lilac and I love it blonde too, you can carry any colour off you're so lucky and gorgeous too, mwah!! xx

    Zoe โ™ฅ MammafulZo

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