I believe that AW is the season that nail polish shades really come into their own, whether that's a sumptuous gold shade, a deep berry or a lush burgundy - deep, luxurious shades of nail polish look pretty good against less sun-kissed skin. I have been alternating a few favourites over the past few weeks and they look pretty lush. 

Starting with the deepest of the four is: 'Ruby Night Sky' from the Alice + Olivia collection for Nails Inc. A gorgeous deep wine shade, this looks particularly lovely for adding festivity to your toes. Next up in the burgundy family is: 'Regent Street' also by Nails Inc. This shade is a deep, purple toned brown, very 70s, very now. 

My two non Nails Inc picks include: 'Rainbow Colour Flip' a duo-chromatic shade from ORLY  this shade never looks the same twice when applied and sparkles olive green, gold and purple depending how the light hits the pigment. And finally one of my all time favourite polishes, 'Chameleon Copper' from HEMA a wonderful gold, metallic shade that makes bitten or broken nails look instantly flawless.

Which shade is your favourite?