Discover the new Ziferblat, St Paul’s Square, Liverpool

Discover the new Ziferblat, St Paul's Square, Liverpool
Discover the new Ziferblat, St Paul's Square, Liverpool
Discover the new Ziferblat, St Paul's Square, Liverpool
Remember a little while ago I introduced you to Ziferblat, a pretty awesome concept nestled within the infamous Albert Dock? If you’re new around here and don’t know what on earth I’m talking about, I recommend heading over to read the blog post linked pretty in pink up there to get up to speed.
In short, Ziferblat is a quirky little place where you can hang out or work whilst drinking as many brews and sinking as many pieces of cake as you like, for free…

The only thing you actually pay for is your time.
Following the roaring success of the Albert Dock branch, the kooky Ziferblat folk have opened a new branch in Liverpool over in St Paul’s square. As a big advocate of the concept, I went along for a snoop (and a brew ofc) to suss out the new kid on the block.
Discover the new Ziferblat, St Paul's Square, LiverpoolDiscover the new Ziferblat, St Paul's Square, Liverpool
A sitting room, a shared office space, private meeting rooms and a full programme of events, in comparison to the Colonnades branch this Ziferblat is like a more polished Lil’ brother, whilst the furniture is still mismatched and the vibe eclectic, St Paul’s feels to me like the perfect playground to work facilitated by spaces that encourage creativity and dare I say, ‘different’ thinking. 
The 5 meeting rooms are all decked out with different personalities (my favourite being 4D)so open a door and get working. The space also includes β€˜The Deck’, an elevated platform for those who wish to use Ziferblat as a city centre workspace. Co workin’ and all that!

Ziferblat doesn’t charge for room hire but does have an hourly minimum spend based on the Ziferblat rate (6pence per person, per minute) and which room you want. Fancy it? Head over here to read all about it.
If you want to work, play or curl up with a book in a super light, airy space filled with a seriously broad mix of people, then go down and have a nose. I think you’ll like it.
Have you ever visited Ziferblat?

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