I always say it, but it’s true – Primark stock the best clothing around AW and this year’s collection is for the most part, an absolute gem. Think ribbed and faux fur in jewel tones and metallics, as i’ve mentioned before luscious lurex and other such sparkly materials are all over the place and Primark has it all. 
I recently did a bit of shopping whilst anxiously waiting for the results of my car MOT, counterproductive I guess as my purse was complaining and with a looming car bill, it was probably not the wisest idea. But my little Keith Richards (engine sounds like him coughing, lol) passed with flying colours and my shopping was justified…Or so I tell myself.

let’s start with the CLOTHES…

I am head over heels for rose gold, bronze, silver and gun metal shades at the moment and Primark currently has a dedicated section to what looks like it’s the kit us all out for a night in Studio 54. I bought a few pieces for the looming party season, at the time of writing this I have a wedding reception and a girls night on the cards.

Pussy bow ribbed blouse
An absolute dream channelling ALL of those 1970s vibes. I wear mine tucked into a faux leather shirt with tights and my spacey, silver ankle boots, or with black skinny jeans – either works.

Stud embellished choker..
Chokers are everywhere and i’ve dabbled with the traditional plain velvet bands but I was looking for something with a little more edge. I found this multi string, detailed choker for £2 and I think it adds a nice spin on combining the shoelace / choker neckwear trends.
Metallic Grecian midi dress…
When I saw this beauty on the hanger, I knew there and then I wanted it whether it looked good or not. Cut in a midi length with a side split, this Grecian-esc dress will be popping up in more detail over here soon. It was really hard to photograph as it is just so shiny but the picture on the left is truest to colour, a bronzey gold dress with all the sass points.

Faux fur stole…
I remember these fluffy numbers gaining popularity a few years ago and I never really understood them, fast forward a few years and I was searching everywhere for a piece of furry neck candy. I wear mine with my leather jacket, or any jacket for that matter to add interest to the neckline as well as rocking it over turtle necks, tee’s and jumper dresses.
Grey light wash skinny jeans…
So here’s my theory, my black skinny jeans always turn charcoal grey which I kind of like but lets skip that whole laborious process and get some ready faded, grey skinny jeans. I wear them to the office, I wear them to dinner, I wear them everywhere.

When I lived with my parents, I asked my Dad to paint my room opium purple, ever since then I have always loved plum, damask and deep purple shades which are especially relevant for the AW season. You might see a colour theme occurring here.
I love how new bedding can transform the feel of your room and make you feel especially sassy when you climb into it for the first time. I bought this purple and black floral set for the new season as well as a damask print under sheet, also pink. It’s busy and remind me in some way of my old boudoir which funnily enough I blogged about here.

Like most people, I am a candle fiend and I must get through 3 or 4 every fortnight. On this particular shopping trip it was time to restock and I was pretty in love with the plum blossom and vanilla candles which are ridiculous sexy and fruity without being too artificial in scent. Primark have really stepped up their candle (and homeware) game and these two only came to £3 for both.
What have you spotted in Primark recently?


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