When it comes to foundation i’m pretty loyal, for day to day wear, at work or on a weekend etc, I will wear Collection ‘Lasting Perfection Foundation’ which has been my drugstore choice of base for years. And for special occasions when I feel like whipping out my fancier, less disposable make-up, I use Studio Fix Fluid’ from Mac.

 I enjoy medium to build-able coverage and whilst my skin is by no means terrible, I do suffer from break outs and being so naturally pale, my skin display’s a number of different colours from blue to pink, resulting in an uneven skin tone that looks better (to me) when evened out with foundation. 

It’s rare that I ever spent a lot of money on foundation but when given the chance to try a high end formula, I ofcourse am I always very intrigued. I have recently been trying out the ‘Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation’ which is in formula and finish the complete opposite to my usual more heavy duty choices. A high end choice, this foundation retails at Β£32.50 for 30ml.

Shade range…

The SB foundation range has an amazing shade variety suiting a number of skin tones meaning it is more accessible for everyone. I am currently wearing the shade 4.5 which, whilst I have been colour matched by a make-up artist at Illamasqua, I find it interesting that I am wearing an olive yellow undertone when I would always position myself with a pink undertone. Of course, I am glad about this as yellow undertones are much more universal and flattering, however it is worth noting that this foundation line also carries shades with other undertones such as ‘pink with yellow’, ‘red with yellow’ and ‘yellow with pink’.


The ‘Skin Base Foundation’ combines the finish of a BB cream with the coverage of a liquid foundation and was inspired by asian beauty balms and a realistic, effortless complexion. I would compare it in likeness to ‘Face + Body‘ from MAC, providing a light, build-able coverage which is neither too dewy or matte. I dispense two or three drops and apply with the Real Techniques Expert Face brush in a buffing motion. I must admit this foundation is an odd one to get out of the plastic bottle which is not squeezy, the foundation just seems to drip out when you shake it and I do wonder how you acquire the last dregs.

It’s worth nothing that SBF doesn’t contain an SPF so make sure you wear one underneath to protect your skin. Remember if you’re being photographed with flash the lack of an SPF means you’re not left with a white chalky complexion.

Lasting power…

My skin swings between combination and oily depending on the time of the month, the conditions of where I am therefore I always use powder to set my foundation, Collection ‘Lasting Finish’ if you’re interested. I find that this foundation sticks around all day and my skin feels hydrated and comfortable throughout long periods of wear.

Overall, I really like this foundation and enjoy wearing it, but I don’t think i’ll be swapping it out for any of my more fuller coverage formulas anytime soon and especially my cheapy drugstore choice. I think on more flawless skin it is perfect for evening out the complexion but on more problematic skin or unevenly tones skin,  I don’t believe it will get the job done well enough. For those who like a sheerer, build-able coverage and enjoy tinted moisturiser and BB creams, this is ideal though I highly suggest being properly colour matched to ensure you’re wearing the right undertone.

Have you ever tried the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation?

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