The Jewellery + Accessories I Always Wear

When it comes to jewellery for me, the more the better! My collection of jewellery is growing by the minute and soon I am pretty sure I will have to let a bigger flat to house it all. The amount has surpassed my collection of antique teacups, handbags, shoes and faux fur coats and continues to make me late setting off to work everyday as I deliberate over which pieces to wear. There are however a few pieces that I tend to wear more regularly as the ‘base’ layer if you will, I then just add and add from there. 
I have really been enjoying the 90s choker trend revival and have collected a fair few chokers to alternate between. My favourite at the moment has to be the multi strand, beaded number as it adds a touch of edge / interest to my neck, looks smart but also casual and goes with pretty much everything. I also very often wear a ‘Hollie’ namesake necklace that is ofc inspired by Carrie Bradshaw and i’ve had it years and years. A little tacky? Maybe so.. but then again who am I to be the judge of any gaudiness?

My bracelets are often a complete random mix, whichever are lying around, or is closest too me as I run out of the door. I love beaded pieces, particularly ones with a lot of colour as I find them cheery and interesting to look at. I also wear two bangles, the first is made out of cork and was a present from Portugal, the second from the infamous Es Cana Hippy Market in Ibiza. Both of my rings are very cheapy cocktail rings from Primark, a place where I think you can get the best statement rings for literally no money at all. I am currently loving tones of blue, turquoise and green so they fit in nicely.

Finally, my watch is by a brand named Circulr which I backed when it was live on Kickstarter. The brands ethos is to cut out the fluff so that you can buy a quality watch at an accessible price. I opted for the mint green variant as I think it looks pretty cute against my pale skin and can look sassy in all seasons. Simple, minimalistic watches are very in at the moment as they (excuse the pun) look timeless and go with pretty much any outfit

What kind of jewellery do you wear everyday?

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