Looking slightly different and unusual up there I know, but I wanted to show you what the Shills ‘Deep Cleansing Purifying Mask’ looked like on – pretty sea monster-esc right? I had seen black peel off masks doing the rounds on social media for a while now and I have to say I was pretty intrigued and made a mental note that peeling a mask off your skin looked SO satisfying…Did anyone else used to love peeling PVA glue off their fingers at school? 
The ‘black purifying mask’ is a deep cleansing product suitable for skin with acne that removes dulling surface cells to increase the skins vitality, and you can find it on Amazon for around Β£7.95. The formula feels like a thick gooey paste as you smooth it onto your face…Seriously satisfying. 
Shills recommend that you layer a good thick amount on your face in order for it to peel off more effectively and in the picture above I had quickly run to grab my camera as I applied the first layer so it is a little thinner than the final result. I applied my mask whilst having a lovely bubble bath and left the formula on for around 25 minutes. 
The mask tightens considerably as it dries but it is not super uncomfortable, once this happens you know it’s time to start peeling it off. I have read online a few reviews that say the mask is quite uncomfortable as it tightens as it also removes hairs from the face…bye bye peach fuzz, but this wasn’t the case for me…What it did do though is extract those pesky blackheads which I could actually see…Very gross, yet VERY satisfying. 
I have to admit my mask didn’t peel away uniformly and I ended up giving a few parts a little scrub to remove the remainder of the product. My skin did however feel nourished and looked super glowy once I had removed the mask.

If you have seriously sensitive skin I don’t think this would be the best choice of mask for you and I would recommend only using it every 2 weeks or so, or if your skin is looking particularly dull or is prone to black heads. But for me, it’s definitely not a gimmick and gets the job done!

Have you ever tried the Shills Black Purifying Mask?

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