When it comes to a flawless fake tanning application, for a seriously sassy result it’s all about how well prepped your skin is and what exactly you apply your tan with. I have recently been trying out the Glove Your Body ‘Treat me trio*’ and I like the products that much, I thought i’d introduce you lovely lot to it too. 
Firstly there’s no getting away from the fact that anything with a touch of leopard print is totally appealing to me so i’m going to start with the seriously leopardy ‘Self Tanning Application Mitt’ which I use to apply St Moriz dark lotion, though I have tried it with a foam formula also. If you want to see more about the fake tanning formulas I currently use – check out this post on my updated fake tanning routine.
The mitten fits as the name would suggest, just like a glove as it includes internal finger sockets to keep your hand steady when applying your chosen tanning formula. It is also seriously sturdy, no fingers poking through the seams here. More importantly though, the application is flawless all thanks to the soft, towelled mitt that works foam and lotion into the skin effortlessly, streak free and in moderation. Once you’re finished with your application, you can throw the mitten in the wash to clean ready for your next application.
Also included in the ‘Treat me trio’ pack which retails for around Β£20, is the Dual cleansing and exfoliating pad’ which in itself is brilliant. I have long since been using a flannel to cleanse my face with a rich cold cream. Over time the flannels can get worn and less effectively as they are constantly transitioning between wet and dry. This perfectly travel size pad exfoliates and removes make-up in a few swipes, once you’re done let it air dry on the sink top ready for it’s next use – very simple and very effective.
Exfoliating is probably one of my least favourite steps when it comes to my tanning routine, i’m lazy and I have never found the right tool for the job, exfoliating gloves you can pick up cheaply in Boots are fine, but they go all stretched and bobbly in the shower after a while. The Glove Your Body  ‘Exfoliation Mitt’ is really effective whether you are prepping your skin for fake tan or not as the removal of dead skin cells gives the skin a fresh, smooth and radiant feel.
Based in Ireland, you’ve probably not stumbled across the ah-mazing Glove Your Body range but it is available in the UK from Lloyd’s pharmacy’s and on their website.
What are your favourite tanning application products?

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