Hair + Beauty Products That Best Define Me In 2017

This blog post was inspired when my boyfriend said that he could ‘instantly recognise me’ from the perfume I was wearing. It got me thinking about other beauty bits and pieces that best define me, you’d see them on the shelves and immediately think they belong to Hollie. 
When it comes to practical beauty i’m pretty old school and very very rarely sway from the classics. Looking upon this collection I am about to introduce you to, today it remind me heavily of the skincare, haircare and make-up featured in ‘The Icon’s’ and ‘The Nostalgic’s’ chapters in Pretty Iconic by the glorious Sali Hughes.
My skincare routine is so simple, it would most likely make many people recoil – I dread to think what Caroline Hirons would think, but it works for me, keeping my skin clear and supple and at the end of the day that is all that matters right? These two products look like they belong in my Grandma’s bathroom cabinet but they work for me. My skincare routine begins by cleansing my face with a traditional cold cream from Boots, sometimes I use the infamous Pond’s variety. 
Cold cream is a rich, thick, moisturising cream that for ยฃ2.95 is a serious bargain. I apply the lanolin-free formula to my face and then remove with a warm flannel. I will then go in with a serum, perhaps ‘Advanced Night Repair’ by Estee Lauder before moisturising my face with Oil of evening primrose, a rich moisturising cream that my skin just drinks up. 
My usual nail colour of choice is some shade of red, sure I love gold and aqua blue in the summertime, but mostly I opt for a deep burgundy shade. I feel like it looks the least offensive when my nails are bitten and makes me look more ‘put together’ for a dressy occasion. I often covet ‘Ruby Night Sky from the Nails Inc ‘Alice and Olivia’ collection, the shade is a pearl finish dark red that goes with pretty much everything. 
My make-up bag is also rarely without a Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush which smells divine when applied to the apples of your cheeks. The legendary blush has been on the market for almost 150 years and has become synonymous with Bourjois’  place in iconic make-up history. The little pot is pretty sweet too and has a very satisfying magnetic snap closure.
I talked about the fragrances that best define me in my perfume collection post but it is fair to say that I am never without ‘Cinema’ by YSL and ‘L’Aimant’ by Coty – both sexy scents, suited to the evening with woody, floral, amber and powdery notes. They’re both fragrances that make me feel like myself.
I really made a pact with myself to look after my hair in 2017. So far so good, I haven’t chopped, dyed or radically restyled my tresses in well over 6 weeks. I am quite loyal when it comes to the products I use which include Pantene Pro-V shampoo, particularly the repair and protect range which smells iconic of my childhood when Sunday night was ‘hair wash’ night. I love the fresh, clean scent and the ugly commercial packaging. For me, Pantene reminds me of freshly washed hair.
I also use a lot of hair oil, especially before bed when I brush my hair using a Denman bristle brush and apply a palm full of the Garnier ‘Ultimate Blends’ – Sleek perfector oil. Not only does this leave my hair more supple and shiny but also smelling divine. 
Finishing Touches…

I bet you’re not surprised to see the classic L’Oreal Elnette hairspray here, it’s a staple and has been donning women’s bathrooms and dressing tables for over 50 years – It’s the perfect finishing touch. I also couldn’t write a post featuring products that best define me without giving an honourable mention to ‘Ruby Woo’ matte lipstick from MAC. I’m rarely without a bold lip colour and this one is usually found in my handbag for emergency pick-me-ups and retouching.

Which beauty products best define you?

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