My Perfume Collection 2017

Gorgeous scents make my world go round and I find nothing more pleasing than shortly before heading out of the door, picking up a decadent bottle from my shelf and spraying on a fragrance.
When my clothes, skin and hair smell alive with scent I feel ready for anything. Over the years I have built up quite a nose for the kinds of scents I like and after a quick look on Fragantica (an amazing resource for all perfume junkies) I have deduced that my favourite fragrances always include amber, white floral, powdery and woody notes. Most of the scents I am about to introduce you contain almost all of those notes therefore, I think it’s fair to say I have a signature ‘smell’ when it comes to the kinds of scents I like and am attracted to. It’s kind of nice to be recognisable all thanks to scent, for example whenever I smell ‘Red Door’ by Elizabeth Arden, my Aunt must be around somewhere. 
I store my fragrances on a shelf tucked away from direct sunlight in a little alcove in my flat. Most of my favourite perfumes are sold in clear, glass bottles and therefore are more prone to spoiling from the sunlight. I do however love to see them sat cheerily beside my bed, some of the bottles are so beautiful and that is why they are not hidden away in a dark cupboard.
This year i’d like to experiment more with scents from independent perfumeries as well as try more obscure fragrances, the kind of crafted scents you’d find in Space NK and Liberty of London. Think, Diptyque, Frederick Malle and Jo Malone – If only my pockets were deeper right?
All time favourites…

No fragrance collection of mine could be complete without my ‘signature’ scents. I have worn Cinema by YSL since the age of 10. My Mum had given me a sample tester of the fragrance when it first came out and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Upon purchasing my first ever bottle, my Nan who shared the same love of scent as I do, was told by the sales assistant that I was ‘far too young’ for such a sexy scent. Little did she know some 13 years later i’d still be wearing the same fragrance and of course feeling god damn sexy. This fragrance saw me through starting high school, GCSE’s, my first kiss, starting university, passing my driving test and graduation – I can always call upon it to make me feel like myself, though I was pretty peeved when my friend decided to make it her signature scent too… I still had the claim first. 
Main notes of Cinema: Floral, Vanilla, Sweet, Citrus, Amber
Main notes of L’Aimaint: Woody, Aromatic, Aldehydic, White Floral, Sweet, Rose
My second signature scent is what my boyfriend describes as ‘autumnal’ and ‘ instantly recognisable’ -whatever that means. I can’t help but feel somewhat decadent as I spritz on the infamous ‘L’Aimaint’ from Coty. It reminds me of my Nan, it reminds me of Chanel No.5 and at just a tenner for the largest bottle, I get through this stuff like water. It’s on my secret Santa lists, it’s on my stocking filler wish-lists, it’s on my ‘just popping to Boots’ list. I have a teeny bottle by the side of my bed, a bottle on my desk at work, and several scattered between my handbags…It’s somewhat of an icon and I love that it is sold in Boots amongst the likes of ‘Anais Anais’ ‘Rive Gauche’ and ‘Yardley English Lavender’
The Michael Kors Collection…
I’m not entirely sure how I managed to build up such a collection of Michael Kors fragrance, but it happened. I have 6 perfumes from the designer and some of them I love more than others. My particular favourites include; ‘White Luminous Gold’, ‘Sexy Amber’ and ‘Rose Radiant Gold’ which are all very sexy and tempting heavier evening fragrances. 

Main notes of White Luminous Gold: Amber, White Floral, Fruity, Sweet

Main notes of Sexy AmberAmber, Woody, Balsamic, White Floral, Powdery
Main notes of Rose Radiant GoldFloral, Musky, Warm Spicy

‘Coral’, ‘24k Brilliant Gold’ and ‘Sexy Sunset’ are all lighter, daytime and more summery scents that are perfect for spritzing throughout the day. 
Everyday scents on rotation…
A few other fragrances that I have on rotation, some I like more than others, my stand outs are, ‘Fobidden Euphoria’ by Calvin Klein which I have to admit was a friends signature scent I just had to get on-board with. As well as ‘Body’ from Burberry, the scent I wore non-stop throughout my time in London back in 2014. This was around the time I had an obsession with Cara Delevigne’s look who was fronting the brand and my eyes were mainly kohl and my hair a dirty blonde. Whenever I wear this scent I instantly reach for my trenchcoat and a grungy make-up look.
Main notes of Burberry Body: Woody, Musky, Powdery, Rose Floral

What are your favourite scents?

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