3 January 2017


Everybody and their cat is a candle fiend these days, but believe me, I appreciated, fawned over and revelled in candles first IMO. In terms of cheapy candles, I absolutely love the Primark selection which are not only packaged up pretty lovely but smell awesome too. My only gripe, is they are notorious for burning inefficiently....

So when I want a little more luxe in my life I turn to the bad boys of the candle world. I have to admit, all of the candles I am about to show were given to me as very special and treaty gifts for my birthday and Christmas. But would I buy them with my own money? Of course! What I believe you get from expensive fancy, dancy candles is an efficient burn, casting a strong scent across the room and an even melt. Less chance of tunnelling and wastage!

Okay, so I know the infamous 'Baies' by Diptique is somewhat of a legend. You wouldn't be a serious blogger without a glass Diptique candle holder re-purposed as a make-up brush holder right? I remember seeing Carrie Bradshaw burning Baies in an episode of very early SATC, so even before the blogging revolution, Baies was a thing.

For £48 the Baies Noir 190g candle in the largest variant comes in a black glass jar and for £20 you can have 70g worth of candle in the more recognisable clear glass jar. So what exactly does it smell like? Like heaven that's what - Baies translates from French as 'Berries' and belonging to the fruity family, the scent is fresh like a bouquet of roses, sweetened with blackcurrant leaves. So sexy and summery.

Sitting pretty on my bar cart is my alphabet candle from Next. I love personalised items and initials are everywhere at the moment. Whilst this candle isn't luxury at £4, it is a main player alongside the more expensive candles in this post. Scented with white lily, honeysuckle and jasmine it's a floral number that smells luxurious and seriously punchy.

One of my favourite scents of all time is from the classic Aveda 'Shampure' range. My Aunt who introduced me to the Aveda brand very, very kindly treated me to the official soy wax 'Shampure' candle for Christmas and I am in absolute heaven whenever the scent fills my studio apartment. A very clean scent of lavender ylang, ylang, rosemary I love the botanical notes of this candle which burns evenly and cleanly and is extremely calming - perfect for those days when you need a little Zen time.

Which is your favourite candle?

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