I think eyes are the most beautiful and interesting feature on everyone – I love the different tones and colours in each and every iris and the way that no two eyes are ever the same. As a woman I am extremely lucky that I can regularly experiment with make-up to enhance the shape and colour of my eyes without stigma or judgement passed. If I was about to be marooned on a desert island, my luxury item along with some sunscreen (alabaster skin problems) would have to be eyeliner, just to keep me feeling like myself. It’s just one of those beauty products I feel passionate about. 
When it comes to spending money on make-up, i’ll spend it on eye make-up and I recently had a serious splurge. Not so long ago, I was on the train down to the big smoke and my train buddy Danielle pulled out a super interesting eyeliner from her make-up bag that applied a gorgeous, creamy and super pigmented line to her eyes, she told me it was the Laura Mercier ‘Kajal D’Orient Eyeliner’. I was sold immediately all thanks to that seriously smokey and sassy application that could be done, even on a wobbly train!

At Β£22 this beauty a’int cheap but doesn’t it look pretty? I bought mine from the Laura Mercier counter at the Harvey Nichols beauty bazaar and whilst the customer service was pretty terrible it hasn’t deterred me from loving this product. 
The paraban free kajal liner is extremely creamy and comes in 3 variants black, aubergine and graphite grey. I tried them all and realised that the ‘vino’ purple shade had a little something extra to it when applied. It’s hard to pick up the purple pigmentation but I was instantly drawn to it over the black. 
The liner moulds itself use by use into a point so there’s no need for sharpening and whilst it may be more of an efficient tight/water liner, you can achieve a sassy flick with it too. In terms of longevity it sticks around all day though it is particularly smudgy and creasing is a thing if you don’t lightly powder over any lid liner you’ve done.
In my opinion you can achieve the same look with a much cheaper liner however, in terms of a treaty high-end make-up spend it is definitely worth it.
What is your favourite Laura Mercier product?

Have you ever tried the Kajal D’Orient’ eyeliner?

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