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LVL lashes Liverpool

Before + After

To say I'm a devoted advocate of all things beauty, I very rarely have treatments. Obviously, this is mostly due to not being to afford to have everything done to keep me looking sassily enhanced... and a small part of it is laziness, however, whenever I do have a beauty treatment, whether that be taming my eyebrows or having gel talons, I always wish I kept up to doing it more often. 

It's such a treat to head to the beauty salon and I always come out feeling a million dollars more than I did when I walked in. So when the team at Woodlands Aesthetics + Beauty Clinic got in touch to see if I'd like to try their LVL lashes and brow services which cost £40 and £16.50 respectively, I was very grateful and pleased for the opportunity. 

As a city gal, I was invited to experience their Liverpool city centre salon, based within the Baltic Triangle, but for any suburban honey's out there, it's worth mentioning that they also have other salons outside of the city in Aigburth and Woolton.

LVL lashes Liverpool

LVL lashes Liverpool

Due to the nature of the treatments I was going to have done, a number of different solutions would need to be applied to my skin and around my eye area. Because of this, I had a few different patch tests done 24 hours before my treatment. This involved applying a drop of each formula behind my ear and on the crooks of my arms which were held in place with medical tape. I was pretty confident I wouldn't have a problem, but the patch test is very important to avoid a nasty reaction - especially if you're having a treatment around your delicate eye area. 

LVL lashes Liverpool

On the day of my treatment, I was greeted by the lovely beauty specialist Antonia who works from the Woodland' Baltic Triangle clinic and is incredibly friendly, she comes highly recommended. I've often found beauticians to be a little standoff-ish and uninterested but this is not the case with Antonia who made me feel comfortable as well as giving me the impression she was truly happy to see me - customer service like this goes a long way! It's also worth mentioning that the salon itself is very serene and quiet and there wasn't a rushed or bustley feeling. Instead, the only sounds that could be heard were the chimes of the relaxing, tranquil music.

The treatments...

The LVL lash treatment involves adding length, volume, lift and colour to your natural eyelashes with an amazing effect that lasts 6-8 weeks! I've never had anything done with my lashes before so I was very intrigued to see how the process unfolded. Working by straightening your lashes upwards, the treatment is essentially a 'perm' for your lashes and yep, that instantly recognisable perm solution smell is prevalent. As for my brows, I had them waxed, shaped and tinted to give more definition as well as a good old tidy up. I've recently been dabbling with threading but unfortunately, this always tends to break me out and I will not lie, hurts me more than the pain of both of my tattoos put together.

LVL lashes Liverpool

Before, after and during my treatments...

The LVL treatment began with Antonia removing any grease or make-up residue from my lashes before putting a silicone shield over my lower lashes to keep them out of the way. I then closed my eyes for the next 40 minutes. Next a shield went over my upper eye lids to determine the lift and my lashes were pushed up onto the shield ready to apply the formulas which included perming lotion, tint colourant and moisturising serum. It was during the developing / processing time that Antonia got to work on my brows which consisted of a simple wax, shape and tint.

The treatment itself is painless and only feels only a little strange as the therapist works on your lashes which have a number of sticky things holding them down, but if you keep your eyes shut and relax it's difficult to stay awake! I often get panicky if I know I can't do something i.e open my eyes, but you can and no part of the LVL treatment is uncomfortable.


LVL lashes Liverpool


LVL lashes Liverpool

As you can see the results are absolutely incredible! You don't need my words as the pictures speak for themselves, I was truly very, very surprised to see my own lashes looking so amazing! And as for my eyebrows, I can't believe they're mine, they're full and lush but without veering into scouse brow territory. I have been feeling pretty down about my appearance recently so it's nice to feel nice again!

I highly recommend the Woodlands clinic if you're in Liverpool / surrounding area and looking for beauty treatments, I am already pencilling in to go back to try their other treatments, perhaps a detoxifying facial? It's also worth nothing that they do medical aesthetic treatments such as botox and lip fillers too if anti-ageing is your bag.

Find Woodlands on Instagram: @woodlands_baltictriangle

Have you ever had LVL lashes? 

What's your favourite beauty treatment?

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