When it comes to hair-care, i’m always very interested in trying and discovering new products. As much as I self destruct on my hair, it’s also my canvas for experimentation. For the most part i’m pretty loyal to drugstore shampoo and conditioner, Pantene Pro V is my currently squeeze. that being said, I do like to have a ‘treaty’ duo to use also. I’ve previously mentioned my long standing crush on the ‘Shampure’ range from Aveda, and it is fair to say that is my default spendy choice, but I have recently been opening my eyes to other high end hair care brands.
I was recently invited to experience Tamara Ecclestone’s luxury and super decadent SHOW beauty brand at the Harvey Nichols beauty bazaar where I was treated to their ‘SHOW Dry’ by stylist, Becky. It was here that I experienced the SHOW Beauty ‘Treatment Oil’ and the iconic ‘Premier Dry Shampoo.’ I was instantly sold on the scent (Developed by the perfume house behind YSL Opium and Dior Poison) and the opulent packaging, I can’t get over how stunning it is! I came away intruiged with the SHOW Lux Volume Shampoo and Conditioner* – at ยฃ30 and ยฃ33 a pop it sure is spendy. But is it worth it?
So as you can see from the picture above, this was my hair having not had it cut for 5 months and a few weeks of ravenous bleach throughout that time. Becky did an amazing job to even get it to look that good with a cute straight blown half up, half down do! I’ve now since had it cut and is much better condition, you’ll be pleased to know. Naturally very straight lank and soft, my hair doesn’t retain much volume and as I have a razor cut bob, this often looks seriously naff when there’s no oomph. 
The SHOW beauty volume products are formulated without parabens and sulphates and work to lift from the roots. They’re also blended with wheat protein based copolymers to increase lift. For the nourishing part, the formula also includes a combination of caviar and white truffle extract to condition and make your tresses smell divine. Ofcourse, i’m sure this is what bumps the price tag up.
I found that the gel shampoo took a little work to lather which is obviously thanks to the lack of sulphates however, I like a good soapy lather to really feel like my hair is being thoroughly cleaned. Unfortunately the shampoo left my hair feeling seriously, seriously dry, granted my hair was already pretty dry but this felt as though it had dried it out even further to the point where it started to knot and matte together. Fear not, it was time for conditioning! It takes a few pumps of the applicator to get a satisfactory amount of conditioner out of the packaging however, once you do, it glides through the hair nicely and when worked in starts to soften the overly dry, coarse ends. Did I mention that it smells SO good too. 
I blow-dried my hair as normal, upside down (for extra boost) and I found that my hair had a texture that felt quite gummy, which is not uncommon as that’s how volumisers work by coating the hair. My hair certainly was volumised but this didn’t last long and fell flatter after an hour or so. This may just be to the nature of my hair, which never holds a curl and if it’s not straight, doesn’t know what to do with itself. 
I reckon these volumising products would work super effectively if used in a salon where you can have a professional blow dry afterwards to make them work to their best ability, but for everyday use I think i’ll stick to the drugstore. I am however in the process of testing the ‘Sublime Repair’ shampoo, conditioner and mask which I feel is much better suited to what my hair needs. I’ll report back with my thoughts in due course, but for me, the volumising products haven’t wowed me and I have donated them to my Grandma to see how she gets on with them because she not only deserves a treat but also has short, voluminous hair.
Have you ever tried anything from SHOW beauty?

What did you think?

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