It was a long drag from December to January payday wasn’t it? With all the fun of the festivities as well as paying for all the parddying and good times throughout January AND my car insurance, I was more than happy to get back into the black.This of-course called for a trip to my favourite shops, Primark and TK Maxx which are situated within spitting distance away from each other in Liverpool city centre. 
From TK Maxx…
I wanted to buy myself something to mark my climb from content exec to content marketing manager and I knew a piece of clothing would be something that i’d either not wear, or forget about and so I headed to the ah-mazing homeware department of TK Maxx on the hunt for a special keepsake. I found this super bright and lurid vase for £20 and knew it would immediately be apart of my home, wherever I end up. Made from bamboo, it’s super lightweight and looks great standing aside my palm plant. 

One of the most appealing aspects of TK Maxx is their selection of handbags, whenever I have the ‘mean reds’ I head in to see what arm candy they have in stock. I often buy one, but these days I am much more restrained UNTIL I saw this bohemian beauty which was reduced from a hefty price tag, to something much more manageable. I love the intricate beaded detailing and colour palette of purple and it has become my favourite piece to haul around my worldly goods in.

From Primark…
Primark have really gone back up in my estimations after a lull throughout the summer, they’ve started to bring back more kitsh and kooky pieces, casting aside those street, urban vibes which aren’t particularly my style. I found this cat print, cold shoulder blouse for £10, there was a long dress in the same print too which would be awesome in the warmer months. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love cats, so the leopard print is well up my street.
I also like scratting around with the sale rail and I found this teal, bell sleeve floaty blouse for a fiver! At that price I would have bought every colour way, but sadly the sassy fuchsia shade were only stocked in size 4 and 6! 

And lastly a pair of jeans that certainly make you look twice. They’re super skinny copper-rose gold and look really good with black roll necks and a more basic top half. I got them again in the sale for a fiver and I like to wear them with the teal blouse, in-fact I think there’s evidence of this over on my Instagram.
What have you spotted in TK Maxx and Primark recently?

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