A Review Of The GlamGlow ‘Youth Mud’ Tingle Exfoliant

I’ve been interested in GlamGlow skincare ever since a sample of their original launch formula was popped inside a goody bag that I received at a bloggers event, this was sometime in 2012 and i’m sure it might even have been this Leeds meet-up  Wow, talk about nostalgia right there!

5 years later, as a 23 year old as opposed to an 18 year old whereby my skin actually needs attention, I am still using GlamGlow as part of my skincare routine and I have recently discovered another gem from the range. Step forward the Youthmud ‘tingle exfoliant’* – created for all skin types, it provides a solution for ‘fine lines and wrinkles’, ‘dryness’ and ‘dullness’ I use this mask once a week as the ingredients are pretty powerful and the results are fantastic. It is also worth noting that the formula is created without parabens, sulphates and phthalates.

The tingle sensation is insane and starts to fire up as soon as you apply the formula, I have to admit around the more sensitive areas of my face, such as my cheeks, the sensation was borderline stingy and uncomfortable, but everywhere else (especially on the T-zone) it was fine. From that day onwards I reserved the mask purely for my more ‘problematic’ areas.

Having applied the mask for around 10 minutes (usually when i’m in the bath) my skin is brighter, smoother and clearer – I always feel so fresh and my skin is definitely tighter. I look like i’ve been make-up free all my life and have the skin of a Victoria’s Secret model. GlamGlow is definitely a skincare brand perched on the higher end of the scale, but so worth it and you can buy it on Feel Unique for ยฃ39.

Have you ever tried Glam Glow products? 

Which is your favourite?

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