Beauty products i’ve been loving in the month of March…

Scent: When it comes to perfume, I am currently coveting an old fashion scent, strong and powdery and reminiscent of the inside of a Nana’s handbag. The latest addition to my perfume shelf is ‘Blue Grass’ from Elizabeth Arden. One of the original fragrances’ from the iconic Arden line of scent, it was developed in 1936 and contains warm spicy notes, with top notes of white floral (no surprises there ey?) It’s heady, powdery and pungent and certainly makes a noise. But there is something about the nostalgia of it, and the fact it no longer sits on the Elizabeth Arden counter and is instead bottled in cheap packaging retailing at ยฃ12 in Superdrug. 
Skin: My skincare routine is so simple, you’d laugh. I wash my face with a warm flannel and a cold cream before applying Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery oil and my moisturiser, the ‘oil of evening primrose’ formulation from Boots. It costs a couple of quid and does the job of making your skin supple and nourished, effortlessly. Rich in Vitamin E, the cream is light and non-sticky or greasy and keeps my skin seriously hydrated overnight. 
Also in skincare this month, I have really enjoyed the Glam Glow ‘Youth Mud – Tingle Exfoliant’  which helps to keep my skin clear and bright, especially around the T-zone where I am much more oily and prone to large pores and break-outs. I use this formula once a week or on targeted areas if required and I cannot fault it.
Hair: Having discovered Allison Mcnamara, my heart is calling out for auburn, red hair. I know, I know I will find myself headed down a dark path if I start dabbling with hair colour again. However, I have only dyed my hair once (L’Oreal Preference in Brooklyn Auburn if you’re interested) and have been looking after my tresses intensively for the last few months, I promise. The Preference dye’s are now offering colour shot conditioners to help boost your colour and the number 4 treatment is amazing. A totally fresh, copper tint lies on my mahogany base in a matter of 5 minutes. Simply shampoo, apply conditioner, wait and rinse! All without the nasties inside a developer solution that dry out the hair.
Body: I have really been enjoying oils at the moment, oils for my hair, oils for my skin and oils to burn in my flat. For my birthday I was gifted a wonderful set of massage oils which included relaxing scents and variants for achy muscles. The ones I have are from Naissance which you can get on Ebay and I highly recommend them. They are great for dry skin as well as giving the ends of your hair abit of a treat, or if someone is feeling generous to ease up achey shoulders. 
Home: I love room spray, whilst it is probably a huge waste of money, for me buying it, it is a complete guilty pleasure. My favourite is from M+S – specifically the ‘Grapefruit and ginger’ variant. Every night before climbing into bed, I spray some on my pillow and throughout my bed linen for a seriously refreshing, aromatic scent – there’s just something so pleasing about it. I also have the same scent in liquid oil formula to burn in my oil burner and that really fills the room. I also highly recommend the lavender variant if you’re interested.
Life. TV. Music and More…

Music: Saw Blossoms this month who were supported by Cabbage at Liverpool Olympia, I can’t believe how far they have come, even since seeing them at Parklife last year with only 3-4 songs. The guys put on a really good show and of course as soon as Charlamagne kicked in, the whole place was bouncing. My March playlist has also been going strong this month, I was having a serious Britpop moment earlier on in March and was listening to Blur and Suede on repeat, so you’ll find a lot of that in there as well as ‘Passionfruit’ one of Drake’s new ones that I really like.

Life: Of course this month I visited the pretty city of Bath which you can read all about here – one of the highlights was discovering Anthropologie in real life…I am only just paying my credit card bill off for the things you’ll be seeing in a haul soon. 
Reading: Kicking off with a seriously geeky article I read about why everyone hates Comic Sans, typography nerd at heart but it always reminds me of school newsletter and weirdly, my friends’ MSN font back in the day. I have also been really enjoying the photography from ‘New Darlings’ I am sure their lives isn’t as perfect as it appears in the Insta-shots but my, my they are a pretty cool couple. 

This article on The Pool (sorry nothing new there guys) is also a corker, it’s all about how some men simply do not see dirt, and how irritating and tiring it is to be someone who constantly feels an urge to clean and keep order in the house. Totally relatable for me.
Watching: If you watch one thing on Youtube today, make it ‘Life lessons from 100-year-olds’ – some really endearing takeaways from those who really have seen it all over the last century.
Just in case you missed any…

What have you been loving in the month of March?

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