It’s taken me a good few years to start singing on the same hymn sheet as those who wax lyrical about blush. As someone who has a face filled with plenty of natural redness as it is, I couldn’t see the need to add fuel to the fire. That was until I read Sali Hughes’ Pretty Iconic, which I rave about all the time and is my go-to book for a little self-indulgent me-time. Sali talks about the iconic Bourjois ‘Little Pot Blushes’ which inspired me to go out and buy my own and start dabbling with blusher.

And when a friend came over to my flat to get ready before a Blossoms gig, she tipped out the contents of her make-up bag and out fell the much-loved ‘Orgasm’ blush by Nars. I loved the punch of pink combined with gold flecks and I loved the idea of ‘just pinched cheeks’ especially now that I have hung my hat up on fake-tan.

Having done a little Googling I came across a ‘wear and compare’ from Cosmopolitan magazine which pitched Orgasm against a much more budget option from Sleek. And with an £18 price difference, I was keen to see if the budget option was indeed a ‘dupe’ for Orgasm, which the tester confirmed it near enough as dammit, was.

‘Shimmer Rose Gold Blush’ from Sleek is available at Superdrug for £4.99 where you can bag yourself 10g of product in sturdy packaging which is inclusive of a really good mirror. Having scoured a number of drugstores it appeared to me that finding this, is like locating gold dust, everywhere was continually sold out. Once I did actually track it down, there was only one left, which was crumbled.

I apply the blush with a seriously fluffy brush from Royal and Langnickel which is available at ASD and this stuff is super, super pigmented so a little really does go a hella long way! In fact on my first few applications, I went seriously overboard and did look a little Aunt Sally!

The formula of the Sleek blushes is a lovely, fine powder that provides a lush glow without looking chalky. The lasting power is alright too, especially if you have set your base first with a pressed powder.

Have you ever tried ‘Shimmer Rose Gold Blush?’

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