As my obsession with anything made up of a cream formula, housed in a portable stick continues, when the new Lord and Berry lip crayon in the shade ‘La Fiesta’* landed on my desk as well as a few shades from he wider ‘20100 Shiny’ collection…I was over the moon. 

Born in Milan, the boutique make-up studio, which I might add also do not on animals have been on my radar for quite some time. Everytime I walk into the Harvey Nicholl’s Beauty Bazaar, I am immediately attracted to their sleek packaing, understated and chic using a simple black and white palette. I also like my lip products to be packed full of pigment, comfortable to wear and glossy in formula. I have to say that is exactly what the Lord and Berry lip crayons offer.

The 20100 Shiny crayons offer intense, long-lasting colour which Lord and Berry market towards the four essential ranges of your emotional library (whatever that means!) Fantsy, drama, romance and poetry. They apply like a balm and are ridiculously long lasting, even staying put after that fourth brew of the morning. 

Priced at Β£12 they are on the higher end of the price scale when it comes to make-up and if you want to track them down it’s pretty difficult in the usual haunts unless you head online to places such as Look Fantastic and Cult Beauty.

From top left to right I am wearing; ‘Red Hot Chilli Pepper’ (my favourite) ‘La Fiesta’ the new shade, recentl launhced by Lord and Berry which is inspired by the modern senorita, it’s a little difficult to wear against my super pale skin as my skin holds similar blue undertones, but I reckon with dark skin it would look insane. It reminds me a lot of MAC ‘Heroine‘ which I love!

From the bottom left to right I am wearing an understated nude, ‘Confess’ which brings that whole 90s lip / Kylie Jenner Soar vibe together. And finally, ‘Flush’ a gorgeous salmony, pink with a red undertone. Very easy to wear!

Have you every tried anything from Lord and Berry?

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