I’m often told that my sense of smell is pretty acute, Adam says it’s resemblant of a blood hound and I have to say, that’s not always a good thing – Don’t get me started on telling you about that time my good friend Wout and I were passing through an area of Hackney and walked straight through the worst smell i’ve ever, ever, ever encountered. If a normal nose smelt it at 100/100 on the odour scale, I smelt it at 10000/100. 
Anyway, things that smell pretty have the ability to transport me back to a different time and place and it’s probably the reason why I covet perfume so much. I wrote about my recent collection here if you’re interested. I particularly love talc scents, they remind me of my Nan. 
Today i’m talking cheap smells…

Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder: Kicking off with a proper legend, as Sali Hughes says: “it smells unapologetically of make-up” and I agree, it smells of baby powder and it has a presence.  I was in need of a new powder as that thing happened whereby the flimsily packaged powder I was using, tumbled to the ground and hit some ceramic tiles ultimately smashing into a hundred pieces.

I bought the translucent variant of Creme Puff for ยฃ6.99 in Superdrug and it is honestly one of the best face powders i’ve ever tried. Of-course, it has been around since 1953 and the creamy powder doesn’t leave a chalky residue, in-fact it leaves the skin looking radiant all thanks to those lovely light reflecting particles. I store mine in my 1970s/1980s Stratton compact where it clicks in perfectly. I often lift the lid to inhale the sweet scent, especially if I need a little pick me up and the scent of comfort.

Boots Oil Of Evening Primrose Moisturiser: This is my current go-to moisturiser as it’s non greasy, light and smells absolutely gorgeous. I talk about it often here on my blog and I wax lyrical about it in real life too. It has such an ‘old lady’ scent which I LOVE and when I apply it I feel like an old Hollywood star in their old age sat amongst a dressing table of tortoiseshell combs and crystal glass perfume bottles.

Pears Translucent Soap: Ah, another absolute icon! This one has been around since 1878 so I was seriously surprised to see Instagram and blogging icon, Sarah Ashcroft using this humble bar of lanolin infused soap in a recent video she made on ‘soap brows’ – I so hope this raises the profile of Pears soap because I want it to stick around forever. See, it’s my soap of choice for the shower, I am intoxicated by it’s herbally scent and the way it doesn’t dry my skin out and the amber shade just looks so darn pleasing upon my sink top. What’s more, its like, 79p for two bars!

Garnier Ultimate Blends – The Sleek Perfecter Oil: Coconut oil reminds me of holidays and of sun cream / tanning oils I love the smell of it because it reminds me of Pina Colada’s. The sleek perfecter oil is the last thing I apply before I go to bed and it infuses my hair and my pillow with that scent. I spoke about it in greater depth in my December favourites last year, if you fancy hearing more about how it works and what I think of it.

What are your favourite smells?

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