The Only SPF Moisturiser That Doesn’t Break Me Out

I had been struggling to find a drugstore SPF moisturiser that didn’t break me out. I wear SPF under my foundation if I’m wearing make-up, or just on its own if I’m having a more casual day, for example on a Sunday. Having tried multiple SPF moisturisers from brands such as Superdrug’s own line, to classic Nivea as well as everything in-between – I still hadn’t found; the one.

That was until I started fixating on Olay Beauty Fluid having heard Caitlin Moran talking about never being without it and of course seeing it featured in Pretty Iconic. The original Beauty Fluid does not contain an SPF but I was still interested in Olay as a drugstore skincare brand. Does anybody remember when it was called Oil of Ulay? I remember seeing little bottles of sweetly scented pink cream on my Nan’s dresser and being seriously interested…The bottle is so darn satisfying too!

The Olay ‘Complete Moisturiser Fluid’ for normal/oily skin is priced at Β£5.99 and can be found in the usual haunts Boots and Superdrug. I have to say, I bloody love this stuff. It does not break me out, it sinks into the skin beautifully before make-up application, it is non-greasy and is seriously hydrating. Sounds a dream right?

The complete moisturiser fluid includes UVA/UVB protection SPF15 and for day to day in the office or on typical grey and overcast British days, this is more than fine. Though I must point out when I’m in the direct sunlight, I will use a higher SPF moisturiser of 30 or even 50 due to the nature of my skin being sun sensitive and pale.

The moisturising fluid also contains vitamins B3, 3 and Pro-V B5 for extra nourishment and hydration. This is a big selling point to me as it is just so hydrating which Olay claims to be the case for up to 24 hours. I have found that this product does not break out my spot-prone skin and does not cause makeup to slip, or bobble when layered over the top. I think i’ve found a winner for now.

Have you ever tried Olay skincare? 

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