Jewellery And Accessories I bought From Alvor + Lagos In Portugal

I recently found myself in the beautiful Algarve in southern Portugal. I’d never visited Portugal before and I had all kinds of preconceptions about what the country would be like. They were all wrong – but more on that next week. One thing that really surprised me was the vibe of the place I stayed, Alvor and the town I visited, Lagos. Both were well up my street, especially when it came to shopping. 
Today i’m talking about the jewellery and accessories I bought in Portugal, taking a similar format to the blogs i’d written on shopping in Turkey and the Ibiza Hippy Market.  I noted a lot of Moroccan influence in the architecture and feel of Alvor and Lagos but then again, I guess that Tangier is not all that far away from the Faro district that I visited. You probably won’t be surprised to see a few Moroccan/Turkish/Far Eastern inspired pieces that I bought when shopping in the markets and boutiques in Portugal. So without further ado

Here are a few things that I bought…


My jewellery collection is getting a little out of hand at the moment, but the truth be told – I really do wear every single piece at least once a week! For me, more is definitely more and my arms, ankles, fingers and neck are all often adorned with multiple pieces of jewellery.

For me, jewellery evokes memories and I like to be reminded or a particular place or time. Every single piece of jewellery that i’ve bought on my travels, I still wear and I wanted some souvenirs from Alvor to mark my time there.

Cork is an extremely popular material in the Algarve and Portugal in general is the largest producer of cork in the world today. Many of the gifts, trinkets and souvenirs in Alvor were made from cork and having received a cork bracelet from my parents a few years ago, I wanted to add to my collection. 
I sourced the two necklaces above at an ocean side market in Lagos. Both were 5 euros each (bonkers considering the quality!) and each have a cute pendant. In Portugal there is a lot of tiling (again, more on that later) and so I wanted a neck piece to symbolise the beautiful tiles I set eyes on whilst wandering the streets. The silver pendant is a piece that I know i’ll get a lot of wear out of as it goes with everything. I wore it on the beach, I wore it with evening dresses and everyday more casual outfits. 
My favourite necklace that I bought in Portugal is the super sweet and dainty wishing tree pendant featuring a green stone housed on a fibre rope. I bought this in Lagos from a bohemian looking couple selling handmade jewellery from a cart in the street. It was around 8 euro and looks so cute when layered with other pieces and worn with floaty maxi dresses. I pretty much wear this pendant everyday, all day. Here’s hoping it can help make some of my wishes come true eh? 

The more bracelets on my arms, the better! I love the little leather and beaded bracelets that most countries abroad sell. I also found an antique metal bracelet with gorgeous amber/green coloured stones that is almost identical to a bracelet I bought in the Ibiza Hippy Market. I also chose a few leather/beaded bracelets that snap shut with a seriously satisfying magnetic snap – these were around 3 euros from the ocean side market in Lagos.

I wear a ring on every finger and it is often a mix of my more sentimental rings and costume jewellery. I found two super interesting rings in a cute little bazaar in Alvor town centre, think lanterns hanging from the ceiling, incense burning and the relaxing sound of chimes. The rings are interchangeable with gems. Simply twist the cap off, pop in a new gem stone and screw back on. Sooo cool! I loved the silver one I bought so much…I had to have it in gold too!

Aside from the cork, there were a lot of leather goods to peruse and Lagos was the perfect place to pick up leather bags, purses, shoes and more.
I’m rarely seen without a leather (or faux leather) studded or fringed shoulder bag, especially on weekends when i’m hauling around a lot less in my bag than on a work day for example. I love this little satchel which is surprisingly roomy. 

I also bought a new purse in a a cheery mustard shade. My Biba purse that I have used for many years now is starting to get very worn and i’d like to keep it forever as I bought it with one of my first ever pay-checks. Therefore, for everyday use I bought a leather purse from Alvor that has enough room for loads of cards and coins, as well as sneaky pockets. 

Finally, a pair of fuchsia sandals from Morocco. I had a nasty fall in a street because I was wearing sandals with no grips and slipped over on the shiny cobbles. A very kind lady gave me the sandals to wear so I could walk home in one piece. Turns out I bloody love them and haven’t taken them off my feet ever since.

Have you ever visited Portugal?

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