Scents I Go To Bed With

Whenever I get into bed the first thing I do is apply some lip balm before giving myself a spritz in perfume. It’s a routine i’ve been in for years which has weirdly started to rub off on my boyfriend too. – Spraying his own scents, not mine, obviously. I have recently touched upon my bedtime routine in my bedside beauty post and today i’ll show you some of my favourite scents that live by my bed. If you’re interested in what scents make up my entire perfume collection, give this post a read.

A scent that I have come to love more recently is the Eau Dynamisante‘ from Clarins. Launched in 1987 it certainly belongs to the decade of well, OTT decadence. I would describe this scent as smelling like you’ve just walked into Lush – clean, herbally and soapy. It has main notes that are citrus, fresh spicy, warm spicy, patchouli and herbal. My nose definitely hunts out the lemon, coriander and orange which gives it a seriously unique scent. Next time you’re around a Clarins counter I definitely recommend giving it a sniff.

Of-course, no blog post on scent could forget the infamous ‘L’Aimant‘ by Coty. If you’re a regular reader you’ll already know that this is one of my favourite fragrances of all time.  It has woody, aromatic, white floral and rose notes and is a dead ringer for Chanel No.5. Both my grandmother’s wore it throughout their lives which makes it extra special to me. Launched in 1927 ‘L’Aimant’ stands for ‘magnet’ in French and I must say, it is the sexiest scent to wear to bed.

I tend to accumulate mini perfumes around my bedside table and one scent that I had a miniature variant of was Elizabeth Arden ‘Red Door.’ This is my Aunt’s signature scent and always reminds me of her when I smell it. Launched in 1989 this fragrance is a classic and features notes that are floral, white floral, woody, powdery and sweet.

What is your favourite scent?

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