How To Use Henne Color // Liquid Henna Hair Dye In ‘Copper’

I’ve been dabbling with more natural hair dye recently. I guess, something about it makes me feel better about colouring my hair with compounds other than hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. You may have seen that I tried the Lush Henna Bricks in the shade ‘Caca Marron‘ a little while ago and I was really impressed with the colour¬†and the condition that my hair was left in following the application.

After spending what felt like an eternity in a local independent supermarket named, Matta’s, I stumbled across the French brand Henne Colour who specialise in liquid and powder henna treatments. I bought one of each in the colour ‘Copper’ (though there is a broad spectrum of shades available) and was eagerly awaiting a good time to try the liquid variant. Anything had to be more bathroom friendly than the henna bricks!

Left: My hair before using the Henne Color formula and Right: Immediately after

The henna colourant is pre mixed and is ready to use. The instructions told me to wash my hair with shampoo and apply the formula to damp hair and leave for 10-45 minutes. The longer the formula is left on, the brighter the result.

I left the liquid henna on for around 2 hours, with my head wrapped in cling-film to hold in the heat and make the formula work most effectively. As you can see from the result above, the copper/auburn colour checked out and gave me a vibrant result. Henne Color state that this is a semi-permanent dye and lasts around 4-5 washes. I haven’t got that far yet but after maybe 2 washes, the colour is still pretty bright.

As with the Lush henna, the Henne Color left my hair in soft condition which was not dried out or parched. If you want to see what kind of colour pay-off you are likely to achieve, take a look at the Henne Colour Creme Colourant, Colour Guide. Obviously, everyone’s hair is different depending on the colour and condition of your hair. One thing I do like about Henne Color is that they have created a henna friendly colour for most shades on the spectrum.

Have you ever tried Henne Color?

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