What’s New In Primark? Shoes + Accessories

We’re in somewhat of a transitional time at the moment. The glorious weather we had become accustomed to has taken a dip, the shops are in a weird limbo stage between summer stuff and Autumn attire and it’s almost as though we’ve waved goodbye to the summer that passed by in the blink of an eye. It’s been a weird old transitional time for me too as this week I move out of the flat I’ve lived in by myself for 3 years. *Gulp*
To keep things nice ‘n’ normal over here on GGMH, I’m bringing you a new season Primark haul of footwear and accessories I’ve bought in store recently. I must say, Primark’s shoe game has massively stepped up at the moment and i’m seeing a huge variety of pretty lovely styles. If you’re on the hunt for a new pair, I definitely recommend going in.
These peep-toe heels have to be one of the most comfortable pairs of heels I own. They nicely bridge the gap between daytime in the office and nighttime heading out for a bevvy with your gal-pal. They were around the £12 mark and are part of Primark’s new ‘wide sole’ collection, which are supposed to make walking and the overall fit more comfortable I have super narrow feet and the size 5 is true to size for me. 

I often find myself perusing the ‘accessories’ aisle for a looong time. One thing I have to ask is why on earth it is so narrow?! It’s a total bun fight trying to navigate past the rings. Grievances aside, I bought some snazzy head-hear by the way of a floral printed bandana (£1) – which i’m wearing as I type and a trio of headbands that are a little Diana Vickers circa 2007. I’m going on holiday next month so I wanted to rock the boho headband vibe. I bought a pack of 3 for around the £1.50 mark and my favourite has to be the silver embellished one which I like to wear with my hair in a low, messy bun.

The second pair of shoes I want to show you are absolute bobby dazzlers! I think they are my favourite pair of ankle boots…ever. Featuring a purple damask print and silver buckle and studded detail, they’re pretty awesome. Again, they are true to a size 5 fit and I think were priced between the £12 and £16 mark. Since I bought them, I haven’t taken them off wearing them to work and everywhere in-between. 
I am also a sucker for multi-packs of earrings. I like these ones because they are a little Gatsby-esc and look incredibly cute and dainty.  I love the star and crescent moon pieces in particular and have been rotating each set for last week or so. For £2 you can afford to not wear a pair and overwear another. 

Have you spotted anything interesting in Primark recently?

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