If you were to reach under my desk and grab my handbag, you'd find your arm drooping under a rather weighty bag filled with both the neccisary elements and a bucket load of beauty products. It's true - My handbag seems to be the place where cosmetics congregate.

I recently took it upon myself to have a thorough clear out of my 'weekend bag' the prized and much loved Mulberry 'Roxanne'. By some mastery, I managed to whittle the beauty content down to a select few pieces.
Beauty in my bag...

I love scouring the reduced shelf in Boots - take it from me, you can quite often find some gems. Last week I found the L'Oreal Mega Volume 'Collagene 24h mascara' for about 3 quid. It's not the best mascara i've ever tried - but it certainly isn't the worst either. The formula is a little smudgey and tacky but the feathery brush digs deep into the lashes and irons out any clumps. I throw it in my bag anyway - anything has got to be better than droopy lashes worn out by meetings and computer screens.

The idea of a lip palette never really crossed my mind until I found 12 lipsticks in the bottom of my handbag. Also hanging out on the 'reduction shelf' is the L'Oreal Color Riche La Palette Extravaganza. The palette includes 6 x 1g of lipstick in a variety of sassy colours! I am a big fan of the Color Riche lipsticks and this palette includes some of my favourite bold shades to wear. Perfect for on-the-go. My favourite shades include the orange and the burgundy (Very reminiscent of MAC 'Fresh Moroccan.'  

Obviously I have to have a scent in my handbag for all those occasions when you need to give yourself a little pick-me-up. My perfume of choice is L'Aimant by Coty.

What beauty bits do you carry in your bag?