Beauty products I’ve been coveting in the month of October…

Hair: This summer I went on my jolly holiday’s to Portugal and decided to buy all the beauty essentials while I was out there to save on luggage weight. Whilst I couldn’t understand what the packaging said, I recognised the Garnier ‘Ultimate Blends‘ range of hair-care in a small shop next to our villa. However, it was orange in colour with a maple leaf on the front, a style I’d not seen here in the UK. I have to say, using it was hands down the nicest hair washing experience ever, for scent, for performance, for softness and manageability. I couldn’t find it here for ages, but I recently saw that Boots started stocking the ‘Maple Healer with Castor Oil’ range. Targetted for very damaged hair, if you want to try a new shampoo and/or conditioner and you’re looking for a little extra something for your hair, I highly recommend. 

Makeup: I’ve always had a soft spot for the Natural Collection range of makeup at Boots. It’s super cheap and the quality is always top notch. It’s a basic line, but one that shouldn’t be forgotten about against the more glossy brands. I recently bought the Highlighter Stick in the shade ‘Rose Glow’ which is a very pearly, white, cool-toned shade – no rosy pink pigments to be seen here. For under £3 you get a product that applies lovely, sticks fast and stays put all day long. Looking for a fuss-free highlighter? Give it a go.
This month I headed to dupe city with the Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipsticks. I have the shade ‘Triumph’ which is a gorgeous dusty rose, nude. Yep, these lippy’s are a copy of the iconic Charlotte Tilbury line and the shade is reminiscent of ‘Stoned Rose’ albeit without the price tag – you can bag yourself one of these for £4.
Skincare: I gotta admit, I was late on the Micellar water hype. I bought the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water in Boots on a whim as I wanted an alternative to face wipes for those days when I get in from work and head straight out to the gym. I have to say, I like how refreshing this cleansing water is and how it doesn’t dry out my skin or make it look redraw. It’s also pretty alright at removing the layers and layers of eyeliner that adorn my eyes.
Candles: Throwing two candles in here for fun! When it comes to candle scent’s I’m not a sweet kinda gal, I prefer herbally, slightly sour scents. My two favourites are from Home Sense but made by DW home. Both are laced with a thyme scent which smells divine. The smaller, thyme and juniper candle is gorgeous and perfect for placing in your kitchen after making a stinky meal, or in your bedroom when you want to zen out. For candles, I always shop at TK Maxx.

Life. TV. Music + More…

Listening: The new Jessie Ware album ‘Glasshouse’, like a warm hug on an Autumn day. Top tracks ‘Thinking about you’ and ‘Midnight’ BEA-UTIFUL. As for other things to listen to, i’ve been really enjoying Sara Tasker’s podcast for creatives: ‘Hashtag Authentic’ – Sara recently interviewed Dolly Alderton (who I love) and they discuss some really interesting points on editorial trends and newsworthy trends – what exactly is news and what corporations want to sell as news. You can catch it on Acast or Soundcloud. Speaking of podcasts, Daisy Lowe’s newly launched podcast ‘Femme’ is also really good, the basis of the show is all about female empowerment and a safe space to share opinion and thoughts. I really enjoyed episode 1 with Laura Weir, editor of Evening Standard mag. 

Reading: Surprise, surprise! Here’s an article by The Pool. I really resonated with Clare Thrope’s piece on it being a taboo for a women to declare she doesn’t want to reach the top. We don’t all want to ‘learn in’ we don’t all have a yearning to be a #girlboss. My favourite quote of the entire piece:

“Our identities feel so wrapped up in what we do for a living. But our jobs aren’t us – they’re just a part of who we are.”

Two other recommendations for your lunch break reading list come from Vogue online. The first being an incredibly raw and interesting interview with Susie Cave who discusses the tragic death of her son as well as her label ‘The Vampire’s Wife’ and her marriage to Nick Cave. Also from Vogue, Sali Hughes and her wedding beauty story. With Mary Greenwell on your makeup and Sam Mcknight on your hair – how much better can it get? As usual, Sali writes with flair and without snobbery, she is aware of her privilege but doesn’t gloat. 

Watching: Stranger Things 2 kicked off on Netflix this weekend so I’ve been easing myself back into the water and trying to remember what happened last summer. Two things though 1. Millie Bobbie Brown’s acting and the soundtrack. Epic. Aside from #GBBO i’ve been enjoying The Apprentice, one of the contestant’s Joanna was a friend from college so it’s ace to see someone flying the flag for Wakefield. I’ve also devoured Sue Perkins’ documentary on the river Ganges, it’s a really raw, vivid and honest piece of television – I usually find her really annoying “Baaaayke!” but not here.

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