So Glossier happened here in the UK. With millennial pink branding, a social media led marketing strategy and a capsule collection of minimal, no fuss beauty products all spearheaded by Girlboss, Emily Weiss, it’s no surprise we’ve all gone bonkers for it!
I’ve been holding out on trying the products as I put a few Glossier bits and pieces on my birthday present wish list, but couldn’t resist splurging on 1 or 2 just to see what the hype was all about. I bought the Boy Brow and Haloscope duo in brown and ‘Quartz’ respectively as well as a Balm Dot Com in the flavour ‘Birthday’ – sure, it was the holographic sparkle that did it.
Me, not covered in slap for once, here i’m rocking the ‘Glossier’ look with Boy Brow on my eyebrows,  Birthday balm on my lips and the Quartz Haloscope on my cheeks
First and foremost, Glossier isn’t that cheap, all 3 of these products racked up to around £34 quid (Would have been £38 without the 10% introductory discount!) and thank god for the free shipping on orders over £25. The products are teeny tiny, genuinely, I was so surprised at how small they were when they arrived. The Boy Brow reminded me of something that my old Barbie doll would come with!
So the brow and highlighter duo is £28 and in my option, both aren’t worth that kind of cash due to the size of them and the nature of the product. The Boy brow is nice, not at all gloopy, not sticky and glides through the brows nicely for an uber natural, polished look. However, you can totally achieve the same look with a clear mascara and a bit of pencil as the formulation is so subtle. 
The same goes for the Haloscope highlighter, I had high hopes for this balm infused glow and yes, the formulation is dreamy and creamy, but again the payoff is very very subtle. On the pic above, i’ve swatched one of my least ‘out there’ highlighter sticks from Natural Collection against the ‘Quartz’ shade from Glossier, you can still visibly see the NC product, but Quartz is super faint. 
Finally, the Balm Dot Com in the shade/formulation ‘Birthday’ – I admit, I bought this for the hype, Youtube made me do it kind of thing…It’s not worth a tenner but it is nice, not too glossy, very moisturising and smells like birthday cake, to me it’s nice…but nothing to call home about.

I am open to trying more from Glossier to give more of the range a chance, (I REALLY like the Glossier ‘You’ Fragrance) and I am especially interested in the skincare. However, on first impressions from the 3 products I did buy, yep it’s really nice but that’s about it, I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again but would be extremely grateful if I received it as a gift as it is spenny!

I understand this might be an unpopular opinion as the blogger-sphere has waxed lyrical about Glossier per say, but you know me, gotta say it how I see it. I understand the concept, I understand the digital commerce strategy, just make yo’ products bigger Glossier!  Ps. loved the stickers.

Have you tried anything from Glossier?

What did you think?

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