Perfume I Love In Winter

Like a lot of people, i’m powered by scent. I have an incredibly acute sense of smell, which let me tell you is NOT always a good thing. However, when there’s something lovely lingering in the air, or on the back of someones neck, I am all over it like a rash! The January/February side of winter is always a drag and I often turn to beautiful scents to keep my mood uplifted. Having previously shared a small snippet of my perfume collection, today i’m talking about the fragrances that make me happy in the dull, gloom of winter.

Aura by Thierry Mugler – I have to say, I was courted by the emerald green packaging, distinctive 3D heart bottle shape and the mysterious TV advert. When I finally inhaled the churchy, captivating scent I was sold – it’s just so unique! It’s not to everyone’s tastes mind, my mum says it smells medicinal and reminiscent of the mouthwash the dentist gives you.

For me, it’s sexy and different – just how I myself want to be. With sweet, vanilla, white floral (my favourite) woody and sour notes, this perfume is definitely one you’ll either love or hate. Aura’s complex ingredient list includes: Rhubarb leaf, tiger liana (a smokey, sugared almond note), orange blossom, bourbon vanilla, and wolfwood notes. And if you still can’t imagine, think of a dusty church within a wet rainforest. Confused? I don’t blame you! It’s so hard to put your finger on what it smells like. If you like Alien and Angel, Aura is their quirky, more muted little sister.

Okay, I admit, the classic Blackberry and Bay fragrance from Jo Malone is by far and away not a winter scent. It is however my favourite scent composition of all time and if I could live in a world that smelled as juicy and fresh, i’d be one happy woman. I was very generously treated to this fragrance for my 24th birthday and I have used it very very sparingly ever since. With fruity, citrus, fresh, spicy, woody and aromatic notes this fragrance isn’t one that i’d usually choose however, I am wholly addicted. The unisex fragrance reminds me of being younger playing in my Nana’s back garden which was just like a secret flower garden. I like to spritz this beauty to stay positive and happy about the spring days to come.

* Post contains gifted items

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