January – Monthly Beauty Favourites + Pop Culture Loves


I don’t think 2018 could have got off to a more difficult start. Whilst i’ve been feeling physically well this month following a dire virus pre Xmas and subsequent tiredness as my body recovered from its battering, family bereavements and sadness in my boyfriend’s family had caused a dark cloud to ascend over what I already deem to be a traditionally gloomy month. It hasn’t been easy at all. 
In light of positivity though, we finally got to walk inside our new house and as I write this on the (28th) we’ll be signing our contract today. Oh, and after what feels like an eternity sat on deck chairs –  our new sofa from Made was also delivered on time, so things are, pardon the pun, now moving. It’s been a frustrating 6 months, as I guess is always the case when you choose to go for a new-build property, but I have a feeling the finishing line is now in sight and who knows, perhaps in February i’ll be rounding up my monthly reflections from said house?


Reading: There have been so many interesting and through provoking articles doing the rounds this month! I think the Christmas break has given some of my favourite writers the space to juice up their brains because there have been some corkers. One of my favourite pieces is by no other than (surprise, surprise) Dolly Alderton. In her article for Vice entitled: ‘Notes on being a woman‘ Dolly muses about existential lady crisis’ that had me nodding along like Churchill. One of my favourite parts were her notes on ‘The hardest things about being a women‘ Dolly says:

 “(It’s) feeling scared all the time. I often wonder if I’ll ever be able to wander down a dark road at two AM with a grin on my face and a gut-full of wine, or sleep on my own in a house in the middle of nowhere or amble through a field under the stars and feel properly safe and free.”
The fierce triumph of loneliness‘ written by Helena Fitzgerald for Catapult is a piece I could have written, word for word myself. It hit a nerve with me because it comforted me that i’m not the only person in this world who 1. hates sharing a bed. 2. loves being in a relationship but prefers to live alone, 3. Understands the way being an only child makes you more insular by nature and 4. Appreciates the hard facts of how being in a relationships helps you to reflect on the ugly side of yourself. 

Youtube: I’ve followed ‘MissBudgetBeauty‘ aka Mikhila McDaid for as long as i’ve been dedicated to blogging and for a time, Youtubing – I think this time period begins way back in 2009! Wow. Khila is a fellow Yorkshire gal and for a reason other than that, but one I can’t quite put my finger on, I really relate to her, always have done. Khila recently uploaded a video called ‘Another Divorce‘ and whilst i’m not married myself, some of the points about relationships Khila touched upon, really struck a chord with me. In particular the way we grow as people and the way that a relationship doesn’t always grow in the same way. I also enjoyed Khila’s thoughts on the ways people are inclined to take on their partners stresses and how that can affect you mentally. The video is hugely personal and so brave to put out there – Hats off to Khila.

Netflix: I’m a bit of a weirdo in the way that I find committing to watching a film or a new series on Netflix, a chore. By nature, in my personal life I have no commitment issues lol, but when it come to having to sit and engross something for a couple of hours, I just can’t do it! Adam is constantly badgering me to start a new series with him but i’ve yet to commit. One Netflix series that I did however get on board with this month was the insanely powerful dark comedy ‘End of the Fxxing world‘ – Oh. My. What a treat this was, I throughly enjoyed binging on every 20 minute long episode. Whilst it’s a bit odd and quirky with some very disturbing undertones, it’s shot brilliantly, the acting from the two lead characters is incredible and it tackles some really prevalent social issues such as sexual abuse, mental health, period poverty and family/relationship complexities.
Podcasts: How have a I only just discovered ‘Desert Island Dishes?!‘ Hosted by Margie Broadhead who has such a soothing and velvety voice, Margie interviews a series of media personalities about the food and culinary experiences that make them who they are. I really enjoyed journalist, Daisy Buchanan and writer, Laura Jane Williams episodes as you can tell they both genuinely love food.


hair: Unfortunately, at the back end of 2017, I was struck down with a virus that really knocked me for six. No warning and no letting up for at least 3 weeks, I was bed bound and disgusting. After feeling pretty gross over the course of Christmas and New Year, as soon as I felt well enough to apply some lippy and actually brush my hair, I felt the urge to spend some time it the salon to do something different with my hair. And, after 4 hours in my stylist Stefan’s chair, I walked out with my choppy bob lightly sun-kissed with a natural balayage and it made me feel that little bit more brighter. I never thought i’d see the day that a bottle of ProVoke Touch of Silver would find its way back into my shower. Having dabbled with peroxide blonde hair on and off for years, I thought those days were done. Apparently not. The deep purple formula really does work too, helping to fight brassiness and keep bleached ends toned to a more ashy shade. It’s a little drying, so be sure to use a nourishing conditioner or mask.

skin: I won’t dwell too much on this as i’ve already done a full review of the skincare i’ve tried from The Ordinary however, in these winter times whereby central heating dries your skin out, the cold, biting winds make your skin feel sore and the season generally batters your face, The Ordinary skincare has been a saviour. One of my favourite steps in my skincare routine is to apply the Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% – This Vitamin C based formula gives my skin a real boost in terms of glow and vitality. And for the £8.90 it costs, you really can’t go wrong.

scent: If I could travel through time back to 1985 I would, my Dad says it was one of the best times of his life, many of my favourite songs from Simple Minds, Tears for Fears and Wham were number one then and I feel like i’d have done alright had I been around in 1985. Interestingly my current favourite perfume was also released in 1985. Obsession by Calvin Klein. What a heady, pungent, strong scent this bad-boy is. Not for the faint hearted it demands to be known with amber, spicy, and woody notes. The simplistic bottle featuring an amber formula and tortoiseshell lid are also pretty lovely to look at. You could say i’m obsessed.

makeup: I can hear myself saying: “No, I hate nude lips – i’ll never wear them” – As a bold lip kinda gal, always have been since I raided my Grandma’s makeup bag aged 3, I think nude lipstick looks kinda weird on me. That was until I tried the infamous ‘Cake’ lipstick from their Generation G collection. This sheer matte lipstick is comfortable to wear, looks like you’re wearing next to nothing on your lips and stays put after a 3rd glass of wine or chowing down on pizza. I like this one for the ease of everyday wear – I can guarantee I won’t be heading to a meeting with lipstick on my teeth, or smudged lips, like the Joker.

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