Beauty From And Other Stories

It was a snowy, grey, and extraordinarily wet Monday in London town, my inaproproate choice of footwear, a pair of faux fur boots had caused my socks to become sodden and you could hardly see your face as the rain lashed sideways. Still, we trudged on and made the best of it with a few dips into Starbucks for hot chocolate and a little mooch around the iconic and terribly grand Liberty’s. However, when it got to the point whereby my parka jacket and bobble hat could be quite literally rung out…
I decided to seek solace in the warmth of And Other Stories. 
I might have been in there on the hunt for a pair of androgynous chelsea boots, but I came away with some new makeup goodies. (The chelsea boots came later!) Now, I am a self-confessed Franco-phile and everything about And Other Stories gives me those Jeanne Damas vibes.

And Other Stories have a ‘Paris Atelier‘ sub-line that is a little more spendy and comes in prettier, more classic packaging. My go-to lip hue has always been red and so there is nothing more cheery on a rainy, winter day than the naughty purchase of a new, roaring red lipstick. I chose the shade:Rouge Verite or ‘Red Truth‘ as it translates – is a gorgeous, deep crimson shade that comes in a comfortable satin finish, this lippy contains cold pressed plum oil and vitamin E so you know your lips are getting a serious treat!

In true cliche fashion, winter calls for a burgundy/plum nail colour and to compliment my new red lipstick, I also bought the Miniver Wine‘ nail polish from the existing beauty range. This polish is beautifully long lasting, shiny and oh-so-Parisienne, it also looks cute on shorter nails.

Rogue Verite on the lips – I’ve been parcial to wearing it with no eye makeup especially on days like above when the lurgy hits

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