Getting Ready For Date Night // My Valentine’s Day (And Galentine’s Day) Outfit

The night these pictures were taken, it was date night. Adam and I hadn’t been able to get out together for a while due to one thing or another, the main reason being the laborious process of moving house! However, on this day, we had been able to actually walk around our new house and the occasion called for a meal and a celebratory clink of glasses filled with a mellow red for me and in Adam’s case, a chilled Rose (lol).

My favourite part of going out…Is getting ready
I love taking the time to get ready to go out, being able to get creative with my make-up, take my sweet time, use products i’ve not had the time to play with and most importantly, immerse myself in the process of choosing something sassy to wear! I really can’t wait for all our house stuff to be over and start making date night more regular again, I have a whole host of outfits that need to see the light of day!

It has to be said though, I will really miss my little dressing table nook nestled in the window of our old bedroom. It’s the spot where, all bleary eyed, I applied my everyday makeup ahead of a day in the office, it’s where I got myself ready for my best mates 25th birthday party, house warming gatherings, work nights out etc.

But, with change comes bigger and better things. With a bit of luck, by the time you’re reading this, it’ll almost be time to start moving everything into my new office/dressing room space. I can’t wait to get in there and put my own stamp on it! Hopefully i’ll be able to share some of my decorating process with you too!

On this particular date night, I decided to whip out one of my favourite winter outfit combos, a black turtle neck layered under a playsuit with chunky tights and heeled loafers…

My playsuit is the stunning Burn Baby Black Velvet Romper from Tobi. I call upon this piece time and time again for when I want to add a touch of colour to my #ootn without looking too OTT – not to mention the fact it complements a bold red lip perfectly.
Here, i’m wearing ‘Rogue Verite‘ from And Other Stories on my lips, it is one of my favourite deep red lip shades, not to mention how comfortable it is to wear. It has to be said, I also can’t wait to be able to wear this printed playsuit in the summer with bare legs! Ah, the chance would be a fine thing!
I accessorised with a black, quilted clutch and not forgetting a final spritz of the classic L’aimant by Coty This outfit is definitely getting recycled and restyled for Valentine’s Day. Adam and I are going back to the restaurant where it all began on our first date. The pizza is good too. 
Heck, I might even wear a variant of this combo for a Galantine’s date with my best friend Hannah –  We’re going for pizza (common theme?) and to see the new 50 shades film, so I definitely think the stretchy waistband of my favourite Tobi playsuit will be needed!
Heeled Loafers: TU | Necklace: Tate Gallery Earrings: Weekday

* Post contains gifted items from Tobi

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