My Favourite Red Lipsticks // Nars Velvet Matte Lipsticks

Red lipstick is loud, it’s elegant and it absolutely means business. Red lipstick matters. Why? Because it can transform any outfit and any mood with the slightest slick of the bullet. For me, the right red lipstick makes my skin look brighter and my teeth whiter, it makes me feel confident and put together. Whenever I wear red lipstick, I feel as though I look like me. 
Red lipstick is sexy and provides a warning to lovers that they should absolutely approach with caution. Earlier in the month I mused over nude lips and despite dedicating the post to the carefree, easy neutral shades that I enjoy wearing, I made it undeniably clear that red lipstick was and is my first love in the business of cosmetics. Were I to be ever asked onto Desert Island Discs, alongside an LP of ‘Supersonic‘ by Oasis, my luxury item would be red lipstick. (For anyone interested my book choice would be Shantaram).
Whilst my red lipstick collection boasts many formulas and finishes in hues of everything from very vermillion to coral, there is one particular lipstick formula that I call upon time and time again when I need my lips to feel comfortable but also look polished and…red.
 Velvet Matte Lip Pencils 
I have two velvet matte lip pencils in my collection. The first being my day time favourite, ‘Red Square‘ – I wrote about it here. Red Square is a true red, an orange based red that sits for hours on the lips without feeling dry or uncomfortably ‘bobbly’.  
When the sun goes down, I tend to opt for a deeper shade of red, you could argue this one is more purple toned of which I agree. ‘Endangered Red‘ is a shade that I discovered on a makeup tutorial uploaded by the beautiful Violette_FR. And whilst I don’t have the same skin tone or hair colour as Violette, I knew that Endangered Red would look just as good against my pale skin, especially with a kohl liner smudged under the eye.
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