Nude Lipsticks That Anyone Can Wear

I’ve always struggled to find nude lipstick shades that really do something for me. I naturally have very pale, sun sensitive skin with a blue undertone and naturally pink lips. The typical English rose.
 Because of this, I am a rouge lipped maven at heart and i’ll always pick a red over a nude however, there’s something about the carefree ease of wearing a nude lipstick that I throughly enjoy. Low maintenance and easy – like getting ready for the evening following a day at the beach when your hair is tousled and your skin has a radiant glow. 

I remember when ‘concealer lips’ were a thing. In years 8/9 of high school, I almost always covered my lips in the palest ivory shade of ‘Dream Matte Mousse’ from Maybelline (which I thought looked the biz). Especially when teamed with spidery, crusty eyelashes and my Bench jacket – thumb holes includes.

Finally, after many years of experimenting with makeup – I have at long last found my tone in nude lipstick – with much trial and error I might add. My first ever high-end lipstick ever purchase was ‘Angel’ by MAC, simply because it was rumoured to be one of Kim KW’s favourites! It truly did nothing for me, far too baby pink in tone and if anything, it only exacerbated my natural flush. I still have it now. It lives on in my makeup collection as a warning incase I forget what i’ve learned and decide to dabble with bubblegum pink lips again.

My nude lipstick tone is one with a coral/orangey or brown undertone

I have a few nude lipsticks in rotation that hit this brief. The one I reach for almost daily is ‘Cake’ from Glossier. This much hyped sheer matte lipstick is ideal for working a dialled down look. No makeup, makeup if you like. Perfect for giving your lips a bit of something without committing to colour. My favourite nude lipstick is ‘Stoned Rose’ by Charlotte Tilbury. – This is a full bodied coral/brown lipstick that is so comfortable to wear and stays put all day long.

Other favourites include: ‘Triumph’ from Makeup Revolution’s Renaissance line and the classic ‘Velvet Teddy’ from MAC. This one isn’t the most comfortable to wear, due to its matte formula, but it looks great and particularly sexy with a grey smokey eye!

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