The minimal moment // Affordable Minimalist gold jewellery favourites

Dainty gold bracelets, chunky gold hoop earrings and the famed gold ‘coin’ pendant necklaces are certainly having their moment right now. I have to say, I am 100% all for this trend as the majority of my jewellery collection tends to be gold, rose gold or copper led in tone and colour.

I’m currently really inspired by Stacey Dooley’s style which definitely incapsulates the minimal gold jewellery trend teamed with a style direction of slouchy knits and basic denim. For anyone who doesn’t know who Stacey is, she is a British television presenter, journalist and author who cut her broadcasting teeth making harrowing (and fantastic) documentaries on social/cultural issues for the BBC.

Over the last month or so i’ve been on a Stacey Dooley binge because luckily for us, you can watch her documentaries on BBC iplayer. I think the most disturbing is the Japan episode where Stacey explores the law on child pornography and JK girls in Japan. If you’re looking for something new to watch, I recommend giving Stacey’s documentaries a watch if you haven’t already.

Back to minimal accessories

I think that you can find the best minimalistic gold jewellery at antique fairs, or at markets/bazaars – each piece has character and a back story. I like my jewellery to have a little rough ‘n’ ready tarnish so for me, these are the places I normally look for new jewellery, but of course you can find nice pieces online on marketplaces like etsy or ofcourse on the high street.

My watch is from Daniel Wellington, it is the Classic Petite Melrose style. I really like how dainty the metal strap is and how it clicks into place with a really satisfying snap. I tend to only wear my watch on my left arm which is also home to some (non gold) bracelets, one of which you can read more about here and the other was a present from my boyfriend, which features a heart shaped locket and inside are two loose precious stones that represent our birth months, his being Sapphire and mine, Orange Topaz. CUTE!

On my right wrist I wear two bangles which are pretty much the same, just with different stones in them. One of them is from the Hippy Market in Ibiza and the other is from Alvor in Portugal. I also wear multiple hoops in each of my ear piercings, the ones featured here are from Weekday, but you can pick hoops up like this in packs for a few quid in Primark.

My rings are probably the most important pieces of jewellery that I own, they’ve all come to me from a family member in some capacity and each have different meanings and feelings attached to them. I wear a lot of rings on a daily basis, probably too many for my fingers to handle however, i’m never without my core staple rings.

And finally, what gold jewellery jewellery round-up could be published without an ode to the ‘gold coin pendant’ necklace? I found mine in Topshop the duo is called the coin and horn two row necklace i’ve been wearing both pieces every day since I bought them.

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