Harley Street Skincare Review // My Honest Thoughts

In my bathroom I have a wire crate filled with different skincare products that I always believe will be the next big thing to revolutionise my skin. It’s difficult with skincare, because you have to give it a few weeks to really see if it is having a positive impact. Of course, in the meantime if your face has broken out in angry red spots, or causes an itchy and dry reaction, stop using it straight away – but for the most part you have to give it a fair chance.

Over the years i’ve definitely found products that have worked better than others and it is nearly always individual, separate products from different brands that make up a sucessful skincare routine. It is for this reason that I was hugely interested in how my skin would get on with a three step skincare solution from a brand that to be quite honest, I hadn’t heard a lot about.

Who is Harley Street Skincare?
The brand, Harley Street Skincare was created by Dr Aamer Khan who has spent the last 15 years working in cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures, and Lesley Reynolds a beauty writer and skincare professional working in anti ageing therapy on London’s infamous Harley Street. You can read more about this dynamic duo and their career profiles here if you’re interested. The brand aim to create high-performance skincare that is derived from natural and scientific ingredients to benefit all skin types and help tackle many skin issues and complaints. I have been testing out a trio of ‘Try me size’ products for the past couple of weeks to see how the formulas fare on my ‘Normal’ skin.
Step 1 – Stem Cellutions Hydro Cleanser – This creamy formulation is nice and light to apply to the skin and smells fresh and fruity. I apply it directly to dry skin before rubbing it in with a warm flannel to remove any makeup and grime. Harley Street Skincare say their cleanser contains Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-14 which is a kind of peptide that may increase collagen production as well Methylxanthines which stimulate microcirculation (blood vessels). It also contains vitamin C (excellent for the skin) Pomegranate, Goji berries and Camellia Sinensis (green tea) which acts as a calming and healing agent. I do like this product, when used alone it doesn’t leave my skin tight or dry and removes stubborn makeup. The Hydro Cleanser retails on the Harley Street Skincare website for £35.

Step 2 – Stem Cellutions Miracle Serum – The brand mark this as their hero product from the Stem Ceillutations range and I must admit, it is a pleasure to apply to the skin post cleanse. The concentrated serum is gel like in texture and soaks into the skin quickly once applied. The serum contains Myristoyl Pentapeptide-11 which help to restore skin elasticity and reduce fine lines. It is effective for anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and skin-firming purposes and whilst my younger skin isn’t so far gone to see a real difference in terms of ‘anti ageing’, I can say that it is firmer and plumper after use. This serum also contains,Malus Domestica which is a fancy name for apple, a natural antioxidant. Having used this serum daily, my skin is definitely more luminous, plump and hydrated following each use. The serum retails on the Harley Street Skincare website for £55. 

Step 3 – Stem Cellutions Hydro Moisturiser –  The moisturiser formulation is again, a nice light consistency that is non greasy and sinks into the skin quickly without feeling too thick and heavy. This product contains Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12, A lipopeptide which helps the product to form layers around and in between skin cells – this then creates a barrier that keeps natural moisture intact. Another key ingredient of this formula is Retinol Palmitate (Vitamin A) which stimulates cell turnover by penetrating down to the lower levels of the skin. The moisturiser retails for £65.

So what do I think of this skincare range? 

Yes, this skincare is expensive and is it worth it? Yes, i’ve had no problems with any of the formulations. My skin is looking luminous and hydrated, sure I still have the odd blemish but I think that’s more down to my diet which lets face it is hardly in the Kourtney Kardashian remit.

My only question surrounding the brand and it is non performance related, is that there is what appears to be a similar company with the same name using a.co.uk domain and selling the same products just packaged slightly different. I’m not sure what the deal is there so that might be one to note if you want to shop with the same brand I have been testing. Otherwise I have been happy with how the products have performed. Harley Street Skincare cater to all skin types and you’ll be sure to find products that best suit you on their site. I can’t see a section which discloses their policy on testing so do check that out yourself if it’s something you’d require to know more about.

* Post contains gifted items from Harley Street Skincare

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