Here in the UK, the weather has been an absolute treat over the bank holiday weekend and when the temperatures soar and the sun makes an appearance, there really is no better place than home. I split my weekend between catching the rays at the beach and at home on the comfort of my sun lounger. Bliss. There are however a few bits and pieces to get in order before I venture outside in this kind of weather, especially if I’m opting for a pair of Birkenstocks, some denim shorts and a cami outfit combo. 
Treatin’ those feet…
Feet. Funny things, I broadly don’t have a problem with them as a whole however, I do find toes a bit…weird. In the late spring/summer months, I’m rarely seen without a pair of Birkenstocks and so my toes and heels need a little TLC to keep things sweet. A slick of polish does the trick, Copper Kiss from non-other than Poundland is a winner for me at the moment. The formulation is really good and it’s only a quid.
I also inherited what I call ‘Hoof-feet’ from my Dad, sorry Dad. If I don’t keep up with them, my heels are dry and sore. That’s when I call upon my weapon of choice, the Micro-Pedi Nano which painlessly exfoliates and removes hard skin from your feet using a rough rotating pad which kinda fees like a cats tongue! 
Faux Glow…
I always feel that smidge more confident when I have a tan. I don’t mean to the excessive levels that I rocked in my late teens / early uni days but a subtle glow is always a good thing. My tan of choice is the Palmer’s Natural Bronze Body Lotion which is, of course, a classic and who doesn’t want to smell like chocolatey/coconutty biscuits? 
I’ve previously talked about the HiGlow shimmer oil in my April favourites so I won’t ramble on too much about it again however, I like to use this lightweight, pigmented oil on my arms, chest and legs to add a little shimmery glow while I’m about and about. This stuff is especially nice to wear on the skin and smells pretty sassy too.

Hot weather approved beauty…

Being a naturally pale skinned gal, sun protection is vital. Before heading out anywhere with bare limbs, I also use sun lotion. I’m a big fan of the fine mist sprays and when I’m on the beach, those are my favourited choices of sun protection, however, if I’m just dotting around the garden, or sat in a beer garden, I’ll use the Solait SPF 30 suncream all over.

The last thing I want to be wearing is a full face of makeup when it’s hot. Instead, I’ll opt for a sheer, tinted moisturiser with an SPF and rock some gel-based products. The Glossier Cloudpaints are particularly good for these occasions. These cream formulas double up as blush, bronzer and highlight in one and are particularly useful for topping up that sunkissed glow. If I am wearing powder-based products, my go to is a creamy bronze duo from Elizabeth Arden housed in the cute Red Door packaging.

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* Post contains gifted items from Emojoi

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