‘Barely there fragrance’ 3 to try in 2019


Perfume is so personal, I truly believe that finding the one can be so tricky as there are just so many available to try and one bottle can last you years. I guess I’m pretty lucky that I found what kind of fragrance notes I liked pretty early on in life, however, I fully understand that picking a perfume can be one of the hardest things to suss out for yourself, never mind choosing a scent for somebody else.

I myself am naturally drawn to big, blousy scents, think Opium by YSL and Obsession from Calvin Klein – I know that sitting in the car with me when I’m wearing one of those bad boys has been known to give some people a headache! And whilst the more intense fragrances are what makes me feel confident and cheery, there are a lot of people out there who prefer a fresher, cleaner fragrance. Nothing too punchy, instead opting for a scent that is broadly light and subtle.

Barely there fragrance…
3 perfumes to try

The new year brings with it a fresh, cooling nip to the January air, it also brings the promise and anticipation of Spring. To my mind, there’s no better time to dabble with delicate fragrances and if you’re not sure where to start, or looking for a gift for somebody special here are 3 to try.

  • Gabrielle by Chanel

 Citrus, white floral + woody

The lightest and most delicate fragrance on the list, if you’re looking for a ‘barely there’ scent, Gabrielle by Chanel is definitely one to try. It’s perfect for wearing every day for work, as it’s so light and I guess you’ll feel that little bit more special if you’re wearing Chanel! Gabrielle is gentle, unassuming and elegant. The bottle is pretty special also, apparently designed and created over 5 years!? the glass is designed to look like a light reflecting jewel.

  • Blackberry and Bay Cologne by Jo Malone

 Fruity, woody + citrus

This fragrance is one that makes me feel fancy when I wear it, probably because I’m aware of how much it costs and know to use it sparingly! This is late August encapsulated in a bottle, the scent of the Blackberry bushes on a summer’s day. Bliss.

If you’re looking for a treaty scent and not afraid of a more citrusy base Blackberry + Bay brings you notes of blackberry (obvs), bay leaves and cedarwood. Just gorgeous. If you’re parting with cash though, my only issue with this cologne is that its staying power is pretty feeble, always the way with cologne though.

  • J’adore from Christian Dior
 Floral, fruity + sweet

Created back in 1999, the Dior J’adore fragrance is housed in a curvaceous, yet simply shaped glass bottle adorned with gold trim that looks fabulous on any dressing table. Some people say that J’adore is a romantic, feminine fragrance that is as suited for a Tuesday daytime at work as it is for dinner out on a Saturday night – I’d be inclined to agree.


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