Beauty buys under £10 | Cheap thrills to help beat the January blues

This year I’m trying to be considerably more positive about the month of January because as we all know, January is the pits.  The promise and excitement of the festive season help make the darker, colder months of November and December burst with colour and happiness…and Egg Nogg,  meanwhile January has a real lack of anything going on. We’re pinching the pennies, we’re cutting back on naughty waistline bloating treats, and to top it all off, there’s barely any light… the brightness of spring still feeling a million years away.

And whilst January is typically the month of economising, if you have the spare pocket change to treat yourself…today I’m talking about a few cheap thrills. Small treats that you can throw in your trolley during the weekly supermarket shop, or sneak out to Superdrug on your lunch break for, nothing that breaks the bank, but will help you feel that little bit more cheery.

Treat chapped lips to some moisture
Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm £5.99

I don’t know about you, but my lips are definitely feeling the brunt of this nippy weather. They’re dry, they’re chapped and they are desperate for some hydration. Step forward Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm. Not only does this naturally derived balm promise your lips 8 hours of moisture, but it also offers a sheer plum toned tint which is so natural, glossy and gorgeous. What’s more this balm is housed in 100% recyclable packaging and contains no parabens or petroleum, only the good stuff, including shea butter and botanical waxes.

Brighten up your face with a bold lip colour
Revlon ‘Fire + Ice’ lipstick £7.99

You’ve just rolled out of bed, it’s pitch black and you’re trying to put your face on for work, skip the faff and go straight for red lipstick. My personal favourite to counter these duller days is the iconic ‘Fire and Ice’ lipstick from Revlon. This is a coral-toned red that looks gorgeous on everybody, the formulation is creamy and hydrating and you can be assured you’re wearing a classic that will do you no wrong.

For shiny, healthy hair
Ultimate Blends Coconut Water Dry Hair Conditioner £3.99

Central heating, the whipping winds outside and all this too-ing and frow-ing in and out of the cold also takes its toll on our hair. Especially if like me, you have hair that swings towards the drier side of the scale. The Ultimate Blends Coconut Water Hair Conditioner hydrates your hair, without (more importantly) weighing it down – something that is so very important if you have fine hair. Free from silicones, and scented like a summer holiday, when you use this conditioner you’ll be feeling summery in no time at all. Bye bye, January blues.

Beat the chill in a bubble bath
Badedas bath gelee £7.29

If you’ve been outside all day and feeling the chill, there’s no better feeling than lowering yourself into a warm bubble bath. A little luxury for sure and some all-important time to yourself. I love Badedas. It’s a treaty bubble bath gelee at nearly £8, but it’s my absolute favourite. It’s indulgent and so very distinctive in scent. Made with extract of horse chestnut, Badedas offers you a rich and herbally bath, apparently favoured by Claudia Winkleman, I heard it from the horse’s mouth on her ‘In the bathroom’ episode with Sali Hughes.

Scent your room with a fresh, scent
Glade scented candle £1.75

I know, I know, this isn’t a beauty buy…but I wanted to sneak it in. I was so surprised when I started burning my first Glade candle. They are really punchy in fragrance,  not sickly sweet or overpowering,  just lovely. I have the ‘Sheer Vanilla Blossom‘ variant as well as few others including the pink one and the red one and they are just GORGEOUS! They burn really evenly and leave a lasting scent throughout your home. The Sheer Vanilla Blossom candle is a nice alternative to the wintery spice scented candles we’ve been burning all Christmas.

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