4 To Try This August // Beauty + Lifestyle Favourites

4 To Try This August // Beauty + Lifestyle Favourites

As we steadily creep into the month of August, I’m back with 4 new beauty and lifestyle favourites to try. So whether you’re on the hunt for a new candle in preparation for cosy Autumn nights, or simply want to see what’s new and worth trying in beauty, this weeks post is for you.

With a mix of products brought to you from the supermarket, independent online shops and the drugstore, you’ll be sure to find something interesting to try.

4 To Try This August // Beauty + Lifestyle Favourites

Aldi | Lacura Beauty ‘Aloha’ Highlighter | £5.99 | Cruelty-Free4 To Try This August // Beauty + Lifestyle Favourites

The more products that I’ve tried from Aldi Beauty, the more I’ve been suitably impressed with the quality of their makeup and beauty range. I have recently been using (and loving) the Lacura Beauty ‘Aloha’ Highlighter.

Housed in similar, square packaging to Benefit products, the soft golden powder applies smoothly without looking chalky on the skin. I believe this is only available in the one shade, however, if you’re in Aldi and think the golden-pearlescent shade would work for you, definitely throw it in your trolley and give it a go. I’ve had so many compliments on my highlighter since I’ve been wearing this one on the regular.

Barry M Nail Polish | Blue Jade | £3.99 | Cruelty-Free 

4 To Try This August // Beauty + Lifestyle Favourites

I’m currently having something of a ‘blue’ moment. I’ve never been the kind of person who is naturally drawn to blue hues, however, these days I am gravitating to dark moody blues more and more.

The Barry M ‘Gelly’ nail polish formulation is my favourite and the shade ‘Blue Jade‘ is the colour I’ve been calling up time and time again recently. For a long-lasting, ultra-glossy nail polish formulation paired with a chic shade, give this one a go.

The Scent Shop | Celestial Moonwater + Sage Candle | £16.99

4 To Try This August // Beauty + Lifestyle Favourites

Ever since I moved out of the family home and started living either alone, or with others, I’ve acquired quite the collection of candles. Candles are without a doubt one of the most cheering things in my home as they bring a sense of calm and cosiness whenever they’re lit.

Some of the candles in my collection are fancy-schmancy ones that I am always tentative to light, (Er, hello Baies) others are cheap and cheerful candles that I light every night. Some I have out purely for their decorative jars and others for the divine scent hidden within. Rarely have I found one that hits both criteria of a gorgeous scent and a pleasing jar.

Until… now that is.

4 To Try This August // Beauty + Lifestyle Favourites

Enter the Celestial Moonwater + Sage candle* from The Scent Shop. Isn’t it lovely? It smells pretty gorgeous too and oozes calm and tranquillity. It’s aftershave-y and herbal (my preference in any scent) with a fresh and clean undertone.

If you love the look of this candle, The Scent Shop has a number of ranges to suit all tastes and vibes. Need some inspo? I think a candle from The Scent Shop’s Glow’ range might just be my next payday treat.

Skinny Tan | Gradual Tan Daily Moisturiser | SPF 6 | £14.99 | Cruelty-Free

4 To Try This August // Beauty + Lifestyle Favourites

I have to admit, I was taken by surprise regarding the latest offerings from Skinny Tan. The brand has now branched out into making face products/skincare in a range that includes, the gradual tanning moisturiser I’m about to talk about, contouring cream and highlighting serum (Tried this and it is very good).

I have recently been trying out the Skinny Tan Gradual Tan Daily Moisturiser* and it’s really effective at giving you a bronzed glow in preparation for makeup. I mix it with my normal moisturiser as the SPF 6 is disappointing, however, for adding a bit of colour to your face it’s ideal. The colour payoff isn’t orange (win) and the easily blendable formulation doesn’t feel greasy on the skin.

4 To Try This August // Beauty + Lifestyle Favourites

*Candle kindly gifted by The Scent Shop 
*Facial Moisturiser kindly gifted by Skinny Tan

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