The Joy Of Sitting Around The Kitchen Table

The Joy Of Sitting Around The Kitchen Table

I have a strong affection for my kitchen table. (I’m not fancy enough for a dining room, but maybe someday!) Growing up, my parents and my grandparents made it mandatory that whenever possible, we always ate, together, at the table.

Whether it was bacon sarnies listening to the Radio 2 news jingle on a Saturday morning, or a roast dinner cooked by my Mum on a Sunday, I have always loved the togetherness that eating around the table can bring, it forces us to converse and catch up. I have a strict phone ban at the table, only good food and good times are allowed.

The Joy Of Sitting Around The Kitchen Table…

Years ago I had a boyfriend whose family life revolved around their kitchen table. They’d spend hours sitting around their traditional, farmhouse-style wooden table chatting and debating long after the meal we’d eaten had been cleared away. I liked this about them and though myself and the boy concerned didn’t last long, I decided to make sitting around the kitchen table a thing when I had my own home.

That being said, I feel really lucky to even have a table to eat from, work from and socialise around, as I know it is a complete luxury in some households. In fact, Adam and his family didn’t have a table when he was growing up due to space and now that her brood have all moved out, Adam’s mums greatest desire is to extend her kitchen and have a table to eat at. I can’t wait for this to come to fruition for her!

The Joy Of Sitting Around The Kitchen Table

Our kitchen table is one of those that has seats and a bench at either side, so there’s plenty of room for everyone. I love thumbing through my favourite cookbooks (Some of which you can see above) to find a recipe to cook for family and friends. I recently made this hearty vegetarian cottage pie for my pal. The recipe itself came from Kirstie’s Real KitchenΒ which on a side note, is full of gorgeous home cooking recipes.

On other occasions, we won’t be having a fancy meal, instead, opting for a teapot of freshly brewed tea (Yorkshire, obvs) and a biscuit or two.

The Joy Of Sitting Around The Kitchen Table

On setting the table…

One of my favourite pieces of tableware at the moment are my Winter Foliage Placemats and coasters from Sara Miller London. Not only do they match my downstairs decor theme which is navy blue and black, but if you look closely they also feature delicate little Holly leaves which I love so much and feels a little bit like personalisation.

And whilst this beautiful tableware set is intended for use throughout the festive season, I would honestly keep it out all year. If you love eclectic and quirky homeware, either for yourself or for a gift for someone special (Christmas is SO CLOSE) definitely check out the Christmas gifting range from Sara Miller London.

The Joy Of Sitting Around The Kitchen Table

And there we have it, a look into my weird affliction with my kitchen table. If you’re ever looking for me, you’ll know where to find me!

* Winter Foliage Placement Set | Kindly gifted from Sara Miller London

The Joy Of Sitting Around The Kitchen Table

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