Freelance Marketing Services

Are you looking for help with content marketing or influencer marketing? Perhaps you need a copywriter, help with content and SEO best practise? Or perhaps you need somebody to help you get to grips with successful influencer marketing? Send me an email and let's see what we can do!

Content Marketing Services

I've worked in content marketing for over 4 years. With experience both agency and brand side, I've managed the online content strategy for many b2b and b2c brands ranging from salon supply wholesalers to fast fashion and interior brands. I have a wealth of experience managing brand blogs, creating punchy copy for digital campaigns, and ensuring online copy adheres to SEO best practice. 

Things I can help you with...
  • Content management and strategy
  • Fully optimised online copy 
  • Help running your blog or ghostwriting your blog
  • Writing articles for print
  • Creative campaign support
  • Brand tone of voice development
  • Copywriting for a full website or particular pages
  • Individual product/category names and descriptions

Influencer Marketing Services

Over the last 2 years, I have been developing the influencer marketing service for the digital agency I work for. I have experience working with a number of brands ranging from online fashion retailers to, a manufacturer of those mattresses that come in a box, as well as fertility specialists.

Things I can help you with...
  • Influencer list building
  • Press releases
  • Campaign ideation
  • Influencer outreach
  • Outreach email templates
  • Coaching on influencer marketing best practice

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Brand collaborations

Want to collaborate? I can offer:

* Gifted Product Reviews

* Sponsored Content

* Review visits of restaurants, travel and attractions

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