Years ago I remember walking into Bodycare and throwing a shampoo bottle into my basket whilst  wandering round the store in a beauty shopping haze.
Unfortunately, the shampoo I had picked up was a violet toner for platinum blonde hair and at the time my hair was almost black!
Since then I have never had anything more to do with lilac shampoo, until now.
If you read [THIS POST] and [THIS POST] you will know that my hair is now a rather light shade of ashy/white/grey blonde.
As a natural brunette my hair tends to rebel a few weeks after bleaching by turning a lovely shade of bright orange/yellow.
To combat this I was recommend by some of you guys to try the Pro Voke Touch of Silver range.
I bought the Daily Maintenance shampoo and conditioner first and have been using them bi-daily for nearly a month now.
Both products retail at under £3 and are intended to protect against fading and dullness as well as restoring moisture and softness (something bleached hair I find lacks.)
I can’t say that the products have kept the brassiness away from hair on their own entirely but they certainly do help in keeping my roots from looking bright yellow. 
I like both of the products and I find that the conditioner does keep my hair super soft whilst I find the shampoo a little drying.
The star of the Touch of silver range does have to be the Twice a week brightening shampoo this stuff is FABULOUS!
I apply this shampoo every Tuesday and Saturday and leave it on my hair for 5 minutes.
I have to admit it is rather drying however, it works a treat!
Upon drying my hair after using it my hair is fully restored to a gorgeous white toned blonde with not an inch of yellow in sight!

Which blonde maintenance products do you recommend for me to try?

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