“This product will change your life” – those were the words of Ayesha from the Blow Bar at French Connection.   
A few weeks ago I had noticed that I had little hairs no longer than an inch near my parting, I soon realised that bleach on bleach on bleach on bleach had caused some breakage and I knew that I had to stop it before it got worse.
Firstly, no bleach – obviously.
Secondly, I invested in the Redken – Extreme – Anti Snap treatment.
I have always been a fan of the Extreme range and so this protein treatment seemed like the perfect product to try.
You use it by distributing a small amount of the product through washed, damp hair.
Not only does it smell amazing and detangle but it is also a heat protectant so perfect for pre blow drying.
After two weeks of use my hair is already feeling stronger and I have noticed no new breakage and my hair is lightweight, frizz free and super soft.
It is worth noting that this product is a protein treatment so over use can cause more damage than you started with, I use my anti-snap once or twice a week and the results appeared within a week of use.
Have you ever used Anti-Snap, what did you think?

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