A look inside Ziferblat on Liverpool’s Albert Dock

A look inside Ziferblat on Liverpool's Albert Dock

Imagine a place to hang out or work where you can drink as many brews and eat as many pieces of cake as you like. For free. 
Introducing Ziferblat, where the only thing you actually pay for is your time.

Define, Ziferblat: Clockface

The concept hailed from Moscow, Russia whereby a group of poets lead by Ziferblat founder Ivan Meetin, would leave poems on the back of pieces of paper with a location of where the next meeting for like-minded individuals would be held. This would continue until a more permanent space named the ‘Treehouse for adults’ an attic was found.

Back in the UK the idea encourages guests to treat the space like their home. You are completely welcome to help yourself to a number of different teas, brownies, cereal, toast from the kitchen and hook up to the Wi-Fi. The space encourages people to work, hold meetings, study, run workshops and socialise and the only fee is the 6p you pay per minute.

A look inside Ziferblat on Liverpool's Albert Dock

The interior of Ziferblat, which is based in the beautiful Colonnades on Liverpool’s Albert Dock is made up of charity shop treasures, a miss match of furniture, lampshades and clocks. The space is light and bright with a relaxed vibe, in one corner people are deep into a game of Scrabble, whilst in the kitchen, somebody is helping another individual find the sugar. It’s hard not to feel at home amongst the comforting shapes, smells and colours of the room. 
Having already opened two other successful UK spaces on London’s Old Street and in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, the concept is worldwide with the concept Ziferblat spread around the world. 
The Ziferblat concept has really excited me, since moving to Liverpool three years ago (jee’s) I struggled to find opportunities to meet people anywhere other than bars and clubs. Now that most of my university friends have moved on from the city, I’m once again on the hunt for some chums and I believe that the Ziferblat concept can help with just that.


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