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– With the exception of a few misjudgments so to speak when I was about 13 years old, as a natural dark brunette I have always played around with colouring my hair in shades of plum, red, chocolate, light mocha and caramel. Against my naturally (believe it or not) almost translucently pale skintone and my black as night eyebrows it is always the safer bet to add warmth to my face using the ‘plum/red’ family of shades.

Which is exactly what I have been doing for around 18 months now.

I like how a red tone in my dark hair adds warmth to my complexion, makes my green eyes stand out and gives my hair colour a bit of an ‘edge’. I know every other girl that you see in the street has a red tone on their hair but i’m not talking about that crazy Rihanna red, my favourite red shade and the most suiting to dark brunettes such as myself, is the deep plum. Not only does it look lush but it also blends your roots too, they are barely noticeable.

I am often asked how frequently I dye my hair as I never seem to show my dark roots. The answer is not very often, perhaps every 16 weeks or so. If you read This Post a while ago you will already know why and how ruined my hair is from the pure gallons of hair dye I have slapped on my head over the years.

It then confuses people as to why i’m not showing any roots.
I have a secret.
and it’s the form of Henna.

My mum always had red hair as I was growing up and told me that henna helps enrich the colour for longer. For ages I hunted around looking for some henna products but it was to no avail. Then, whilst shopping in Bodycare (yes ofcourse) I spotted for a quid each these little babies.

– Henara ‘with natural henna extracts colour enhancing shampoo & conditioner for a renewed colour and lustrous shine’

Basically the product contains natural henna to enrich the red tones in your hair. There are shampoos and conditioners for both light and dark hair. Obviously the one I am using is for dark hair. You use them as you would your normal shampoo and conditioner but for richer tones you leave it in your hair for a few minutes longer.
Admittedly, both products have a funky smell about them but it isn’t unpleasant and chemically.

…..So a little more about Henna.

Henna is natural vegetable tannin. (Odd I know) It not only stains your hair but makes it stronger as the tannin molecules bind to your hair, after adding henna to your hair it eradicates split ends and is much softer. By using henna it adds a tint to your existing colour.
For example….

If you have dark brown hair, in the light (after using henna) your hair will highlight in the shades of chestnut and mahogany.

If you have blonde hair, it will add tones of vibrant red.

If you have medium brown hair it will give you highlights or a rich, deep red.

However this is only if you use henna in it’s natural form. I have noticed since using the Henara shampoo and conditioner that the vibrancy, softness and colour pigmentation of my plum coloured hair is phenomenal, every-time I wash my hair with it it looks as though it is freshly dyed. WINNER. ๐Ÿ™‚

I strongly recommend that you try this if you have dark hair or red hair and would like to add some more red tone to your hairs pigmentation in the light.
Don’t worry, it doesn’t dye your hair. And if you stop using the shampoo and conditioner it will just wash out.

Love, Holl


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