Josh Wood Colour ‘Rose Brunette’ Gloss Review

I’ve dabbled on and off with red hair for the last 15 years. My first foray aged 12 was with a packet of 99p Superdrug ‘Shaders & Toners’ in the colour: Rich Mahogany Brown. Red is my comfort colour, a shade I come back to time and time again. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve bounced between various shades of crimson, copper and cherry.

This month I’ve been trying out one of the new red glosses from Josh Wood colour. I’ve previously written about the Smokey Brunette gloss, the Shade Shots and the Everything Mask – all products of which I’ve bought myself and have had good results with so I was keen to see how the new red range compared.

Josh Wood Rose Brunette Gloss Review

Josh Wood – Rose Brunette gloss straight out of the tube

The new red range offers up 4 glosses. These include Berry and Rose for brunettes, as well as Cherry and Copper Gold for blondes / light natural redheads. I chose the shade Rose Brunette as I had already dyed my hair with the L’Oreal Preference Colour In ‘Chocolate Rose Brown’ and was enjoying pinker, rosier tones running throughout my hair.

Retailing at £19, this is certainly a higher-end haircare product, but depending on your hair length, a little product goes a long way. The product comes with gloves to avoid any hand staining and is created for brunettes with or without highlights or balayage.

The creamy and conditioning gloss is applied to towel-dried, clean hair and left for up to 20 minutes depending on the desired effect. I can imagine that if you wanted to amp up the colour more, you could apply it to dry hair.

My hair after using the Josh Wood Colour Rose Brunette Gloss

After one use of the gloss – A subtle tint
After two uses of the gloss – More amplified colour

The first image is of my hair following one use of the gloss, the second two pictures are of my hair after two uses of the gloss. You can see that the rose/pink tones are really coming through and picking up especially on my highlighted areas and in natural light. With pink/ light red colours, there’s a chance that the colour payoff is a little wishy-washy, but that isn’t something I’ve found here.

In the name of experimentation have also mixed the gloss with the Bleach London Rose Gold conditioning semi-permanent colour which dials down the tone a little and adds more salmony /gold shades.

Overall, I really like the product as it does a good job like the other glosses I’ve tried from the range. Could you achieve similar colour results with a diluted pink/red Directions Paint Pot? Absolutely! It would be a lot cheaper too, but this product does include the conditioning treatment to help nourish your hair. If you’re looking for an all in one salon-quality product, then this is definitely one to try.

Have you tried anything from the Josh Wood Colour range?

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